I Am Not A Blogger

12.13.09 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[9]

I am not a blogger.  I am a writer and, hopefully, a communicator.  But I am not a blogger.  To me, bloggers are people who take/make/create/find/prioritize the time to write their blogs on a consistent basis.  Their content is usually (but not always) interesting or compelling.  They question; they muse; they throw out topics for discussion.  I have discovered I am not that person, at least not on as consistent a basis as those who truly have earned the title 'blogger'.  

Part of that is time constraints, but a lot of it has to do with having something to say.  I blog when I'm motivated by a topic or question or subject that I think you would care about as well.  For example, this past week I could have blogged about something obvious - the frenzied pace of the Christmas season and how to keep it simple and meaningful; I could have blogged on something provocative - the mixed responses we've been getting to James MacDonald's most recent teaching series (on his program, "Walk In The Word") about God's will in the life of the believer; or I could have blogged about my most recent visits with my cardiologists (I have two...I never thought I'd even have one), my prognosis (good) and my continued gratefulness to the Lord for his grace in my life this year (words can't begin to tell you).  But the first topic seems predictable, the second isn't really necessary - yet - and the third seemed a bit self-indulgent.  So instead I'm blogging...about blogging.

It's kind of like with Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare.  Social media are an important and growing part of our lives but how we use them matters as much or more than their simple availability.  For example, people ask if I'm "on Facebook".  I tell them, "Yes, I'm on Facebook but I'm not really on Facebook", meaning I hardly ever spend time on it.  Yet I know people who have it running in the background on their computers all day.  If you follow, say, 50 people on Twitter and they each tweet 20 times a day, that's a thousand tweets to process...every day.  And with all due respect, I don't care what you ate for lunch, that your Aunt Edna's flight was delayed 2 hours at the Denver airport or that you have been to 5 stores and can't find the Zhu Zhu Pet your 6 year-old is screaming for.

So in the coming year I will attempt to blog more often.  Not that what I have to contribute to the blogosphere is that important - but simply as another means of connecting with you.  I've really appreciated the responses to the blogs I've written in the last year.  Your comments and responses have been thoughtful, instructive and at times very encouraging.  But I'll try not to waste your time.  Because none of us have enough of it.  And after all, you don't really care what I think about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize...do you?      


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on 12.15.09 J. Craig Williams commented

Very Good Blog I agree on the Facebook and Twitter comments but I have not calculated it like you did. I Do agree, what should I know about some one and what I should not know. DO I care if you are cleaning to get ready for the inlaws? By the way, this Turkey Hill Ice Cream tastes good that I am eating while reading your Blog. I stummbled on your blog while looking up the internet radio idea like the Sanyo to see if that will work in our House where we seem to get fuzzzzzy FLN recieption. Thanks Cecil

on 12.17.09 Jennifer commented

I like your blogs. And so what do you think about the Nobel Peace Prize?

on 12.18.09 Laurie commented

He Friends,
I am not typically a complainer, but I've been frustrated this year with the Christmas music selections I hear on FLN. It just seems like every other song is a Holly Jolly, Jingle Bell, I'll be home for Christmas...secular type song that I can listen to on any of the other stations. I am not opposed to secular Christmas music, I just enjoy listening to the sounds and words of Michael Card, Selah, Michael W Smith - more of the classic and contemporary Christmas praise music so much more and it seems like I have to wait so long to hear those types of songs this year. I just thought I would mention this to you for what it's worth! Thanks.

on 12.23.09 Judy commented

I love the mix of Christmas music, just my 2 cents. And my sister is on Facebook all day I think, who has that much time? It's easier to type a few quick words but it isn't like talking to people. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and I'm praying God is with you and the FLN crew in the new year. Judy

on 12.27.09 Steve R. commented

I have some blogs that I check regularly because I like what they write - like on FLN. So whenever you write something is ok because it's interesting to me. I find that I'm using Facebook less than I used to. It's ok to share pictures and stuff but I text and call friends more than Facebook them.

on 12.29.09 Miranda L. commented

I think your blogs have been really inspiring especially when you wrote after your heart attack about everything you learned and went through. And I like that you write about music. I'm signing up for the listener advisory panel too. Have a blessed new year.

on 12.29.09 Shaun Groves commented

Cecil, I'm on Facebook, Twitter and I blog and here's what I thought about Obama winning the Nobel ; ) (I know you were dying to find out.)

Anywho, if you ever need a little friendly (free) help with the blogging/facebooking/etc drop me a line. Would love to help you take your on-air ministry on-line.


on 01.04.10 Susan commented

I wish you a rockin 2010..keep on writing and making me think and laugh!

on 12.16.11 andy commented

I Do agree, what should I know about some one and what I should not know. So instead I'm P90x DVD blogging...about blogging.If you follow, say, 50 people on Twitter and they each tweet 20 times a day, that's a thousand tweets to process...