How to Appreciate A Pastor

10.04.10 | Terese Main | Comments[1]

October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  So what exactly should we do?  You might be surprised by what would encourage your spiritual leader.  Mine just beams when I offer a handshake or a hug and say "I really needed to hear what you were teaching me!"  Of course, my pastor and his wife also enjoy meals at our home and we're so blessed every time they visit. 

Some other suggestions are a simple card, an invitation to lunch, or a promise to pray for them.  Your church community might unite for a potluck fellowship meal or a tree planting in honor of your clergy leaders.

Tell us, what are you planning this month?  What have you done before that has been encouraging?  Let's all keep our spiritual leaders lifted up this month, and every month.


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on 10.07.10 Anonymous commented

Alistair [Begg] said in his letter to listeners this month: "One of the best ways to encourage your pastor is to stay awake when he’s preaching!"