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The countdown is underway!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I'm already planning what sides to serve with the big roasted bird.  But is that what Thanksgiving is all about?  Nah.  I've always pictured that idyllic holiday, with everyone gathered around the table, taking turns sharing what it is that they're thankful.  Tears in eye, we patiently wait, while the food gets cold.  You can see why this never happens at our house!

But really, why live with a heart of thanks on just one day, when you can live it all the time?  So, everyday this month, I'm going to add one thing I'm thankful for to this blog.  Please join me.  By seeing what others are grateful for, you are more likely to see the blessings God is pouring into your life.

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!
Sing to him, sing praises to him;
tell of all his wondrous works!
Psalm 105:1-2

11/1:  I'm thankful for "Nona Betty," a sweet woman at church, who passed on a brand new coat to me.  I would have never splurged on one like this, but I just love it.  It was especially helpful on this cold, crisp morning.  God is good for giving us generous friends.

11/2:  Thank You, Lord that we live in a nation where the people have a say, in fact, a responsibility, to vote.  And thanks for Your dominion over all principalities and governments.

11/3:  It's amazing to work in a ministry, where the Lord is put in the middle of all we do.  I'm so grateful for work at Family Life!

11/4:  What a joy to have a messy house!  It lets me know God has provided a shelter for my family to stay warm and dry.

11/5:  Today, selfish thanks...for a high efficiency washer and dryer.  As much as I dread doing laundry, I can only imagine what it would be like without them.  Funny thing, my hubby surprised me with them a year ago.  I went to a ladies conference and they were there when I came home.  Nothing says "I love you." like major appliances!

11/6:  What a great gift God has given us in fellowship.  I am grateful tonight for a wonderful group of ladies that I had an amazing evening with tonight.

11/7:  I am so grateful that my husband has good, Godly guy friends.  He had a couple of them over today to watch football and it was a joy to see them having fun, with no beer or swearing.

11/8:  What an awe-inspiring thing frost is.  It’s God's delicate touch.  I'm thankful He got me out of the house early enough to witness it!

11/9:  I'm thankful both of our girls are so very different.  Early morning time with my oldest is cherished, as is late night time with my youngest.  It's a delight to see them created in their own unique way.

11/10:  I'm thankful for do-overs.  Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth and ask for forgiveness.  Then I think of how many times Christ has forgiven me.  By the way, the She Says ladies are talking about apologizing at fln.org/she.

11/11:  Travel mercies.  Thank You, Lord, for getting my whole family to Florida, safely.

11/12:  What a marvel the sunrise is.  Today we woke up early and headed to the beach for the dawning of a new day.  I felt the Spirit move in me.  Thank you, Lord, for giving us physical reminders of Your greatness.

11/13:  I'm thankful for rest.  Every once in awhile you need to take time to recharge your body.  I think it's then that God can really minister to you.

11/14:  Thanks for the opportunity to be obedient, Lord.  When we hear that still, small voice, we have a choice.  When we obey, we are blessed.

11/15:  Sunshine is such a blessing.  Thank You, Lord, for the warmth we feel from it.

11/16:  Thank You, Lord, for annointing so many authors with new perspectives on Your timeless Word.  It's always eye-opening to read their wisdom.

11/17:  Have I thanked You lately for second chances?  How about third chances?  What a blessing to not be held to a perfect standard.  Only Jesus lived perfectly on Earth, and covered our imperfections with His blood.

11/18:  From the roar of the seas, to the tiniest of fleas, You created it all.  Thank You for taking such care with Your creation.

11/19:  Thank You for smiles.  What a wonderful way to communicate joy, kindness and love to one another.

11/20:  What a blessing You have given us in spouses.  Where we fall short, they often compensate.  Thank You for pairing me with my husband.

11/21:  While visiting a friend's church, out of town, I got a glimpse of Heaven. Thank You, Lord, for giving us brothers and sisters around the world, who we will share eternity with.

11/22:  Thank You for home.  It's good to be back where things are familliar.

11/23:  Small feet pitter patter on the floor above my head.  Thank You for children.  While we have the task of teaching them, they so often teach us about You!


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on 11.02.10 Debbie Peters commented

I am so thankful for my grand-kids, its like a redo!! I can undo the mistakes I made with their mom!

on 11.02.10 Shannon commented

I am thankful for the volunteeres who helped me get a mailing ready for church today!

on 11.02.10 Michelle commented

As a "baby Christian" who is just a couple of years into my walk with the Lord, I am most thankful that He was there, just waiting for us to knock on his door.

I am thankful for a husband willing to "Lead Me" and a heart that understands what it means to be lead, submit and be a "help-meet".

I am thankful for the freedom to homeschool and stay at home with my girls.

I am thankful for the luxuries of a sturdy home, food in the cupboards, running water etc. Since we started sponsoring children through Compassion International, I have been blessed with "new eyes" from our Lord. They help me to see what others do not have in this world and give me a desire to do more.

on 11.02.10 Traci commented

I'm thankful for a husband who recently committed to getting up in the am to read his bible before work!

on 11.03.10 Debbie commented

Thank you Lord for touching my heart, and helping me with sin in my life!

on 11.03.10 Kim commented

I'm thankful for the right & responsibility to vote, and, no matter the outcome, that God is still in control!!!

on 11.04.10 Kim commented

I love love LOVE your post for today!!! Helps me to let go of my perfectionistic ways (ICK), and just be thankful for my kids!! Hey, I may steal this one! ♥

on 11.04.10 Debbie Peters commented

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to rake leaves!

on 11.05.10 Sharren commented

I am grateful to have faith...all days...in all ways. Thankful for the knowledge that my Redeemer lives. Grateful for the knowledge He loves me, in spite of my failings.

on 11.09.10 Tamara commented

When I pray to our Father for Him to do whatever it takes to draw my children near I am so grateful for the trust I have in my heart. I could never be more "THANKFUL" than I was yesterday to be able to sit next to my son, Chase in one of PA's worst correctional facilities. Just knowing he is alive and finally gets it is an incredible gift words can't express. Praise God through your storms and you will be blessed.

on 11.09.10 Debbie Peters commented

Thank you Lord that YOU woke me up in enough time to take my migraine meds before the pain woke me up! Thank you for Doctors wisdom!

on 11.09.10 Carm Riggio commented

I am thankful for another day to serve the Lord and let His light shine through me.

on 11.10.10 Brooke Oakes commented

I thank the Lord for the messes my husband makes that I have to pick up. Even though it bothers me it makes me realize that I could be without a husband. God is truely good not just on Thanksgiving but everyday of our lives. Thank you Jesus for the life you gave to me.

on 11.25.10 Carol commented

I thank the Lord that he supplies our every need even sometimes before we know what they might be.

on 11.26.10 Michelle Wright commented

Instead of typing out the whole amazing story, I'd like to share a link to my recent blog post about thankfulness. http://meeshimama.blogspot.com/2010/11/thankful-for-answered-prayers.html You might have to copy and paste the link into your browser if it doesn't come up clickable. I promise that it is a story worth reading.