Guess what? It's time for...

08.02.10 | Comments[0]

The air is sticky, just like the cotton candy selling down the lane. Strains of music float from tents rising like whitecaps in a sea of people.  Screams mix with laughter, worships songs, and the voices of people I know from the radio… and from my life….

This has to be Kingdom bound.  I always approach Kingdom Bound with a mix of anticipation and apprehension.  Will we remember everything?  Will we get drenched in summer thunderstorm?  Will the technical goblins infest our tent?  But the anticipation always outweighs the apprehension – because at KB, God always shows up.

It’s hard to describe the energy that happens when the people of God converge on a gathering like this.  Amid the fun and rides and ever present music, you can feel something more.  You can feel God at work.  Each Kingdom Bound we never what to expect… but we know it’s going to be something very cool and very special.  God is here…



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