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07.02.09 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[6]

A few random notes and a couple of upcoming things...a listener posed a question on the last blogpost about Family Life Today and Money Matters, specifically, why are they no longer heard on FLN.  Money Matters was dropped by it's producer and replaced with another program that did not feature Howard Dayton.  We didn't feel the program was well-produced and without the Q&A format its content was lacking.  So we pulled it last year.  Family Life Today is another program that has had some fallback in its production values as well.  We also had some concerned comments from families who would listen through the Family Hour (7-8pm) and then to FLT and Turning Point.  Family Life Today would occasionally delve into sexuality and marriage issues that we felt were a bit too sensitive for younger listeners.

Speaking of programs, I hope you've had an opportunity to listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg, the program that replaced Family Life Today last week.  Alistair's expository preaching style and in-depth teaching is resonating with a growing number of listeners so if you haven't listened yet, I'd encourage you to tune in weeknights at 8 pm for Truth For Life.  He's in the UK speaking until next week but I hope to have him on the afternoon show sometime in mid to late July to talk about his teaching ministry and the ministry of Parkside Church where he pastors.

New music - check out the current podcast for a great new worship song by Robert Mauti and Rachael Lampa.  Kathleen Carnali, Jeff Chandler, Jared Anderson, Matt Papa, Michael Robert and Andrew Carlton all have new songs on the air.  I just added a song by a new band called Sidewalk Prophets - kind of a Steven Curtis Chapman meets Caedmon's Call meets Delirious sound - and great lyrics.  It's called "The Words I Would Say" - listen for it.

Along those lines, Phil Stacey has a new record releasing August 25th and I've had a chance to listen to it.  It's great - very well-written, well-sung and well-produced.  We're playing one song from it already called "You're Not Shaken" - listen for more throughout the summer months. 

Finally, I spent an hour or so talking with Christy Nockels earlier this week.  She's a real joy because her heart is transparent and her love for the Lord is strong and real - and her talent?  Well, five best-selling records as Watermark (with her husband, Nathan) tells you something.  Her new solo record, "Life Light Up" is already on FLN - the podcast of our conversation will be on the website next week sometime along with previews from the new record.

That's it for now - keep in touch.


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on 07.02.09 Steve Dowkins commented

I have been hearing the Sidewalk Prophets song and it is amazing! Thanks for playing it. It's very encouraging!

on 07.08.09 Cecil commented

Hey, thanks for stopping by. We're getting good phones on the's obviously resonating with listeners. Maybe we ought to get you in-studio some afternoon.

on 07.08.09 Justin commented

Hey this is Justin from Sidewalk Prophets. I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say thank you for playing our song, The Words I Would Say. We hope and pray that it encourages everyone that hears it. Thanks again!

on 07.11.09 Kyle D. Yates commented

I have known the Sidewalk Prophets for 6 years now. They are a great band that calls Western PA one of their starting points. I can't believe that they are finally on my radio after all these years! Please, play them loud and often. They music is not only refreashing to me, but I dare say that it is inspiring to any generation. I'd even dare you to bring them on your radio show and ask them about their journey!

Thank you for playing my favorite band!

Kyle D. Yates

on 07.11.09 Kyle D. Yates commented

Obviously I forgot to read Justin's post. I would really like to listen when the Sidewalk Prophets ("SWP") stop in. Please e-mail me at

As an added bonus, I have a YouTube account "room28ministris" that I videoed many songs and concerts that SWP have sung over the years. Feel free to roam the You Tube channel and check them out!

on 04.04.12 rory randall commented

can you tell me you sings defining moment