Beloved Bars

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This morning I mentioned a craft I'm working on to share at church this weekend and received a few calls and emails, so I figured it would be best to put the directions right here.  They are called "Beloved Bars."  Basically, they are a full sized chocolate bar, that you decorated with some encouraging scripture to pass out to your brothers and sisters in Christ on the Sunday before Valentine's Day.  After all, we are commanded to love God, and love one another, before all things!

First, buy a package of full sized chocolate bars.  If you can find the ones wrapped with foil, then paper, you can save a step.  If not, wrap the bars with foil, right over their plastic packaging.  Next, cut paper to 5" by 6".  I use scrapbook paper, because it's cute!  The 5" side goes the length/width of the chocolate bar, so a little foil peeks out.  The 6" side wraps around the bar, so you can tack or glue it down on the back.  I use glue dots because I don't have the patience to wait for glue to dry.

Next, print a label, to glue down over the paper, just on the front of the chocolate bar.  Mine are about 4" x 2" and say "Beloved Bar."  Then, I typed out 1John 4:7 "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God."  I also add some die cut hearts, to make the whole thing really cute.

It's so fun to give these out!  What a wonderful way to bless someone who may not have a sweetheart right now, or who just needs a pick-me-up.  Besides, who doesn't love chocolate!

When I get home tonight, I will take a photo and upload it here, so you can see what I mean!  Have fun!  I'd love to hear how God blesses you if you decide to give this a try.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Here's a batch I made a year or two ago.  I didn't do the foil wrap first and the labels aren't as cute as the ones I did last night with my friend Jen, but they give you an idea.


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