Blogs by Month: 8 2009

The Most Interesting Month of My Life - Part II

08.18.09 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[23]

The columnist Robert Novak died yesterday of brain cancer at the age of 78.  Last night I was watching the rebroadcast of an interview Brian Lamb did with him on C-SPAN a couple of years ago and only then realized that the cancer that killed ...

The Most Interesting Month of My Life - Part I

08.14.09 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[20]

One month ago today I went to my doctor for an appointment I had scheduled several months earlier.  I hadn't been feeling well for awhile before that day - very fatigued, little appetite, stressed out - so my goal that day was to ask my doctor ...

Kingdombound 2009!

08.03.09 | Comments[0]

Hey everyone! Here are some pictures recently from Kingdombound! Click here for recent pictures from KBWe are boradcasting live video as well..Click here for KB Live video!Leave comments below! We love to hear form ...