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12.12.08 | Mary Giovinazzo | Comments[1]

The experts say that bloggers should blog about what they know.  My plan is to blog about kids and stuff that might effect kids ... so, does that mean I know everything there is to know about them?  NO WAY!  I love kids. I have 3 kids of my own and 5 grandkids.  Add to that a bunch of terrific friends who just happen to be kids.     So, I guess at some level, you could say that I know kids.  But, you probably do too so I hope to hear from you as you leave comments at this blogsite.  By doing that, we can share perspectives, ideas, advice, 'kid stories' ... you know, that sort of thing.  I really look forward to that!

Ever watch the Cosby Show (years ago or reruns)?  Not only was the show funny, but it communicated some good parenting wisdom!  I ran across this video clip the other day and thought I'd share it with you:

So ... here's my questions:  Do your kids balk at eating certain foods?  How do you handle that?   Did you ever check your kids/grandkids teeth to see if they actually ate their vegetables?

Can't wait to hear if I am the only one who did!  PS - If there was no evidence of having eaten the dreaded veggie in their pearly whites ... I checked the dog's teeth!


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on 12.16.11 wand commented

Ever watch the Cosby Show (years ago or reruns)?


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