Kingdom Bound History

06.09.11 | Kevin VanBuren

Kingdom Bound celebrates 25 years of music and ministry. Join Family Life at the 2011 event at Darien Lake. We'll be broadcasting live each morning and morning afternoon. Listen to Family Life to win tickets. The contest countdown calendar is available for free download at Listen as Donna Russo shares stories from Kingdom Bounds past.


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on 05.21.14 cynthia gable commented

I am a single parent..but believed that he would save my family..It didnt happen..God has his plans.I cant talk...cry there once..was once when i gave my paycheck during the april donations..soon after lost everything..but Jesus..still struggling but would love to go to see the artist with my grand children..My father is my father plus he is son is my Jesus..i Listen to u since my crazy job...God bless..listen to u every morn and nite