Kingdom Bound 2011: Pam Stenzel

Pam Stenzel reaches more than a half million young people every year about sexuality and abstinence.

In 1964 a fifteen-year-old girl was raped, became pregnant, and decided to carry her unborn child to term. Five months after the baby girl was born, in an act of courage and love the young mother provided her child a better environment by giving her to an adoptive family. That child was Pam Stenzel. She is the oldest of 8 children...7 adopted...1 biological, and her extended family includes 38 adopted children in all.

Seven years ago Pam Stenzel grew weary of hearing the phrase, NOBODY TOLD ME!! After years of counseling young girls who found themselves in crisis pregnancies, Pam began to realize that so many were completely unaware of the risks involved with sexual activity.
Her new book, "Nobody Told Me" is written in "social networking" style, and not only contains information students need to understand, it will be a book they will want to read. It contains letters, facebook messages, and personal stories of students who have written to Pam over the years! This book is THEIR voice and gives students the opportunity to hear from their peers.

Pam has been a guest on numerous national TV programs, including Fox News Network's "Hannity & Colmes Show," "The Dr. Laura Show," and "The 700 Club."


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