Kingdom Bound 2011: Lift

Founded in 2006, the band Lift grew and quickly established in youth ministry at Hamburg Weslyan Church and became the official worship band of The Hub (a 25,000 square foot space that is the center of the youth program at Hamburg Weslyan; a hang out spot for kids in the south towns of Buffalo).

Lift Members:
Trevor Kaufman (vocals)
Matt Mackiewicz (bass and keys)
Brandon Gollwitzer (guitar)
Tony Cipriano (guitar)
Gary Bianchi (drums)

Brandon sawed off his finger while doing a home remodeling project two years ago. After being rushed to the hospital, it took a team of 12 people in the emergency room to do a three hour surgery to reattach Brandon's index finger. Fast forward to now. Brandon's finger has healed and he is able to bend it like you would any normal finger.

Life released their first CD in 2009.


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