Pray for Family Life

500 for 5 Prayer

In every decision, big or small, Family Life’s goal is to surrender everything in prayer – the work, the growth, the change – to let Christ lead the way.

Please help the 500 for 5 prayer effort as communities come together to support Family Life with five minutes of prayer each day.

500 for 5 Prayer Needs - Fall 2018


  1. Thank God for His incredible blessing on Family Life for over 60 years now! Please pray that the ministry would always remain faithful to His call and leading and that Family Life would never get out from under the spigot of His blessing.


  1. Thank the Lord for the wonderful staff that God has provided to meet every need at the ministry! Please pray that His guidance would be with the management team as we seek to fill the few remaining openings at Family Life.


  1. Thank God for His blessing this past summer in providing funds to help Family Life move forward in taking the next step with construction drawings for the ministry’s new headquarters! Please pray that the Lord would continue to give us wisdom as final plans are being worked on.


  1. Thank the Lord for the hundreds of wonderful volunteers who help Family Life with sharathons and so many other events! Please pray that He would provide traveling mercies to each volunteer as they drive many miles to help with the Fall Sharathon.


  1. Thank the Lord for the gifted and dedicated group of men and women who make up Family Life’s Board of Directors! Please pray that God would continue to give them insight, understanding, and wisdom as many major decisions will need to be made in the coming months.


  1. Thank God for the huge radio outreach that the Lord has blessed Family Life with over the years! Please pray for His direction as the ministry has a few new opportunities to add a couple more stations to this outreach.


  1. Thank the Lord for allowing Family Life to reach many people, of all age groups, and from all walks of life through the departments of performing arts, Biblical counseling, and events! Please pray as we head into a very busy fall season that God would use each of these departments to impact lives with the message of hope.


  1. Thank God for blessing Family Life with a good reputation among the communities that the ministry reaches! Please pray that the Lord would protect Family Life from the attacks of the enemy as he would seek to destroy what God has raised up.


  1. Thank the Lord for lives that are touched each day by the various ministries of Family Life! Please pray that this year we will see the greatest number of people drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus than ever before.


  1. Thank God for His faithful and ongoing financial blessings upon His ministry of Family Life for over six decades! Please pray that He will speak to the hearts of thousands of individuals and families to contribute during the Fall Sharathon so that the needs of the ministry would be met for the next six months.