Pray for Family Life

500 for 5 Prayer

In every decision, big or small, Family Life’s goal is to surrender everything in prayer – the work, the growth, the change – to let Christ lead the way.

Please help the 500 for 5 prayer effort as communities come together to support Family Life with five minutes of prayer each day.

500 for 5 Prayer Needs - Fall 2019


  1. Thank the Lord for the gifted and dedicated Radio Department that He has assembled. Pray that God would continually use each of them to daily encourage and challenge listeners to live wholeheartedly for Him.
  1. Thank God for the godly men and women on Family Life’s Board of Directors. Pray that the Lord would continue to give the Board wisdom as major decisions need to take place during the next six months.
  1. Thank the Lord for a tremendous support team that He has put together at Family Life including departments in creative services, engineering, I.T., maintenance, kitchen, regional underwriting representatives, public relations, business, and front office. Pray that God would help each be effective and productive in serving Him.
  1. Thank God for the Events Department and for their hard work in organizing many outreaches throughout the listening area. Pray that the Lord would put a shield around them as they travel many miles to various events.
  1. Thank the Lord for the wonderful volunteers who make it possible to run a smooth sharathon. Pray that God would bless each of them bountifully for the time and effort that they donate to the ministry.
  1. Thank God for the Performing Arts Department and for the addition of our new Theater Arts Director, Rodney Coe and his wife Melanie. Pray that the Lord would bless this couple as they integrate into the ministry and use the entire team in amazing ways.
  1. Thank the Lord for allowing Family Life to move forward with construction drawings for the new headquarters and Performing Arts Center complex. Pray that God would miraculously supply the funds needed to do some substantial work before year end to meet a deadline.
  1. Thank God for those who serve in the Biblical Counseling Department. Pray that the Lord would continue to give each counselor and coach wisdom as they seek to help people with their needs by sharing Biblical truth.
  1. Thank the Lord for every faith partner who sacrificially give to make the ministry of Family Life possible. Pray that God would bless them for their faith and obedience to His call to support the ministry.
  2. Thank God for 62 years of ministry that He has allowed Family Life to provide. Pray that the Lord’s blessing and favor would continue to be on the ministry and that we will remain faithful to the call that He has given to us.