In every decision, big or small, Family Life’s goal is to surrender everything in prayer – the work, the growth, the change – to let Christ lead the way.

Please help the 500 for 5 prayer effort as communities come together to support Family Life with five minutes of prayer each day.

500 for 5 Prayer Needs

1. Pray that the Lord would bring the right people to fill positions that have been vacated at Family Life.

2. Pray that the completion of the “Finish the Job” projects would take place in a timely fashion allowing Family Life to reach many more listeners throughout NY & PA.

3. Pray for wisdom for Family Life’s Board of Directors as they seek the Lord’s guidance in directing the course of the ministry.

4. Pray that each ministry department of Family Life would see expanded areas of ministry in the coming months. Both Performing Arts and Biblical Counseling departments are reaching more people than ever.

5. Pray that the financial needs of the ministry would be met during the Fall Sharathon. With a shortfall experienced last spring, it is extremely important for this sharathon to meet its budgeted goal/need.

6. Pray that the Lord would use each ministry outreach of Family Life to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that many would grow closer to Him in their daily walk.

7. Pray that thousands of listeners would catch the vision of what the Lord seeks to do through Family Life and that they will become part of the team that allows the ministry to thrive.

8. Pray that above all, everything that is said and done at Family Life would bring glory to our God and people would put their trust in Him as they see Him work throughout the ministry.