500 For 5 Prayer

In every decision, big or small, Family Life’s goal is to surrender everything in prayer – the work, the growth, the change – to let Christ lead the way.

Please help the 500 for 5 prayer effort as communities come together to support Family Life with five minutes of prayer each day during the Sharathon.

500 for 5 Prayer Needs

1. Pray that the Lord would speak to the hearts of 10,000 people to get involved in the Spring Sharathon. It is very important for the newer listening areas to help cover the costs of operating these stations/translators.

2. Pray that God would give wisdom to Family Life's Board of Directors and Management Team as we begin the process of designing a new headquarters.

3. Pray that the positions left open by different staff members moving to new ministries would be filled quickly and that the Lord would bring Family Life the right people.

4. Pray that the new Performing Arts Center will be used greatly to train young people and adults to serve God with the talents that He has given to them.

5. Thank the Lord for the hundreds of volunteers who help out during the sharathon and pray that He will give them traveling mercies as they come from many different areas.

6. Thank the Lord for the wonderful team He has put together at Family Life and pray that the Lord will keep the staff healthy during the three-day sharathon.

7. Pray that God will continue to mightily use Family Life's Biblical Counseling department and "The Healing Journey" in the lives of hundreds of people.

8. Thank the Lord that Family Life is able to offer so many different online music streams and pray that they will minister to listeners around the world.

9. Pray for Family Life's kitchen crew as they have a huge responsibility during the sharathon.

10. Above all, pray that God would receive all the glory for whatever is accomplished through His ministry at Family Life and that our efforts would bless Him!