Fall Sharathon 2014

We would be so grateful and blessed to have you partner with the ministry.



Family Life recently concluded its Fall Sharathon with thousands of listeners sending a strong message that they want to see the radio outlets and the associated ministries that they have come to love and appreciate continue to remain strong. Their combined efforts propelled Family Life to reach the highest ever total for a sharathon. But even with this record turnout, not enough “votes” were cast to secure the continuation of everything associated with the ministry. That’s why your participation is so critical now!

      Fall Sharathon

You can make a one-time gift or sign up as a monthly partner. Your help will be such an encouragement to us as we seek to enter the next six months with a budget that is fully funded. Thank you in advance!

Finish the Job!

You’ve probably heard the statement many times over the course of your life, "You never know how much you appreciate something until you no longer have it," or, "The longer the wait, the greater the appreciation." At Family Life, we experience both of these truths as we hear from people throughout New York and Pennsylvania. We’ve had a number of listeners share with us this past year that the radio signal that once came in loud and clear no longer does. Other individuals, who have never been able to clearly listen to Family Life, express their anticipation as they anxiously await a new or better signal coming to their area.

Finish the Job    

This holiday season, our prayer and desire is to accommodate all the requests and pleas coming from so many in the two-state region where Family Life ministers. About 18 months ago, a campaign called “Finish the Job!” was initiated for the express purpose of enhancing the signals in the current areas covered by Family Life. In a few of these areas, moving a tower site to a better location will accomplish this goal. In other areas, creating higher power translators will achieve the objective. And in some areas, replacing an old and inefficient transmitter is what is needed.

We have been blessed to move forward with a number of these projects as the result of the generosity of God’s people. Some have been completed while a handful of others are in varying stages of construction. But there are still a number of projects spread throughout New York and Pennsylvania that are awaiting funding to be able to move full speed ahead. The totality of these projects affect hundreds of thousands of listeners.
As we approach the end of 2014, your special year-end contribution to Family Life will help those who have been missing their (previously good) Family Life signal. Your generosity will also encourage those who have been waiting for years to finally listen to the inspirational programming of Family Life in the convenience of their homes. You may be one of those people! Your help in providing a better signal to many this coming year is a gift that keeps on giving!