Enlarge Our Territory! 

600,000 More People Can Be Reached Via Radio 

Your life has most likely taken a twist this past year that was totally unexpected.  The new “normal” during a pandemic probably does not feel normal at all.  The uncertainty of tomorrow, next week, next month, and even next year possibly has created stress that you are not quite sure how to deal with.  But through it all, there is One who says, “trust Me”. 

During this Christmas season, the words “comfort” and “joy” can ring true even during a world-wide pandemic.  There is nothing quite like the comfort that you receive in reading or hearing the Word of God and there is no joy greater than hearing His voice speak to you through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. 

Throughout this tumultuous year, the Lord has used His ministry at Family Life to bring hope and peace to listeners who appreciate and depend upon the Christ-centered programming.  Never before in our history have we heard from so many listeners like you. 

“We are so grateful for the encouragement that Family Life brings to us!” – Williamsville, NY 

“I love your programs and your ministry. Thank you for continuing to be ‘a light’ shining bright in the world we live in today.” – Erie, PA 

“It’s hard to put into words how much your station means to me. Every day I enjoy the great music. It brings hope and joy to every day. You have increased my faith and changed my life.” – Waterport, NY 

“Thank you so much for your broadcast! When I get discouraged from all the evil in the world and the enemy is pressing me sore, I can tune in and all that goes away.” – Endicott, NY 

“We always need the hope and encouragement everyone on the radio station gives each day, but we need it so much more now…Thank you for all you do.” – Middlefield, OH 

“I seldom listened to the radio until about two months ago. I heard FLN for the 1st time. Now my radio is on all day…It is so uplifting to hear people talk of God and His love for us…Jesus loves me this I know, FLN reminds me so.” – Saint Marys, PA 

“The day I discovered your station was [the] ‘best day ever’. Many thanks.” – Buffalo, NY 

When we receive feedback like this, our passion to reach even more people is heightened.  I am reminded of two scriptures, one where Jabez prayed to God, “Lord that you would bless me and enlarge my territory, and  then the words of Jesus when he told His disciples, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.” 

You can reach over 600,000 people by paying it forward! 

With every new Family Life station broadcasting the message of hope found in Jesus, lasting fruit has been the result.  As we come to the close of 2020, the Lord has once again miraculously opened a door for the ministry to enlarge its radio territory.  We currently have a letter of intent to purchase two stations and a translator that will reach over 600,000 additional people!  I say “miraculously” because, as of a couple of months ago, this purchase was not even a possibility and the asking price for reaching this many people is an amazing opportunity.  Though we cannot yet give specifics about the stations, we can say that they will greatly increase Family Life’s coverage area in western Pennsylvania. 

Every station that has been added to the radio network over the past 37 years has had two things in common.  First, the blessing of the Lord has been upon the ministry to open the doors and secondly, every station has come about because listeners like you have paid it forward making it possible for more people to hear the encouragement and hope broadcast 24/7 on Family Life. 

Every dollar invested will reach another listener! 

The cost to purchase these radio properties and the additional equipment to upgrade them will exceed $900,000.  Already, over $300,000 has been committed to the project leaving $600,000 to go.  As God speaks to your heart to become involved in this “Enlarge Our Territory” project, please realize that every dollar you contribute will reach one more person.  Your gift of $100 will enable Family Life to reach 100 more people, your contribution of $500 will cover 500 more people, and your generosity of $1,000 touches 1000 more people. 

This Christmas season, you have the opportunity of giving the gift of God’s love to those who are struggling.  You can shine the light of Christ over the hundreds of miles that these signals will reach.  Even as the angels “broadcast” the news of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds watching their flocks, your gift will be used by the Lord to impact thousands more with the message of hope as the Good News of Jesus is broadcast via the airwaves. 

Your investment in Family Life not only has eternal rewards but also even greater earthly dividends this year.  This brochure details how your generosity can be used to drastically reduce or entirely eliminate your tax liability for 2020. 

Thank you in advance for investing in the spiritual lives of others.  Your year-end gift can be mailed to Family Life at PO Box 506, Bath, NY 14810 or you can make a contribution online by clicking the donate button on this website.  May God bless you this Christmas as you give the gift that will continue to give hope for years to come. 

Merry Christmas,  


Rick Snavely