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God is Doing Amazing Things!

Family Life’s 2019 Year End Campaign

Think with me for a moment about one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to you. Outside
of God’s grace saving you, maybe it was the birth of a child, a marriage to your high school sweetheart, or
even a totally unexpected financial windfall. Wherever your mind leads you, there’s one thing that is certain –
the amazement that accompanies such an experience will last a lifetime.

It was three years ago that Family Life experienced such an adventure. After many years of praying for God’s
guidance regarding the ministry’s future needs, the Lord amazingly opened the door to purchase an existing
building in the Corning area for Family Life’s new headquarters. The outpouring of God’s people in raising $1.4 million in just six weeks to purchase the building still brings an incredible joy whenever I think back to that time!

Reading through the book of Deuteronomy recently, I came across a passage where God was telling Moses
how He was going to give His children the promised land. In 7:22 God says that He will drive out the nations
“little by little”. He then explains that if He eliminated all the nations at once, this would create some major
problems. If you’re like me, there are many times you wish the Lord would give you the entire answer or
meet your total need at once. But He wants us to have faith in Him and trust His timing even if it means
experiencing His works “little by little”.

Family Life’s building project is now six years in the making and at every step of the way we’ve seen God’s
presence as He has done amazing things. Starting with the purchase of the building three years ago, to the
acquisition of the adjoining land a year later, to the construction of the road extension in front of Family Life’s
new property that has just happened this fall, the Lord’s blessing and favor have been upon His assignment to
this ministry – to bear more fruit.

It’s time for the physical work to begin!

You might be one of the many who have wondered about the progress of this project. Well, I can assure you
that it has not been put on the back burner. In fact, just the opposite is the case as we have been working
diligently with architects and engineers to design the perfect facility that will meet both the current needs of
the ministry as well as the future opportunities afforded to Family Life. The construction drawings are nearing
completion and now it is time for the physical work to begin!

Before actual construction of the new facility can take place, preliminary site work for the building project
needs to happen. This site work includes clearing of trees and brush from the property, excavating the storm
water retention area, installing the erosion control items, overlaying the excavated area with base material for
the future parking lot, and other preparatory site work. These exciting improvements will soon give the site a
completely different appearance. With any building project, each aspect incurs significant expenses.

Bearing more fruit is the vision!

Our prayer is that you would catch the vision of a greatly enhanced Family Life that will utilize this facility to
bear more fruit: fruit that will flourish at the Center for the Arts with the training of young people and adults
to use their God-given skills to serve Him, fruit that will emerge from a Biblical counseling wing used to help
those needing wisdom and instruction from God’s Word, fruit that will arise from thousands attending major
concerts, theatrical productions, and other events at the new Performing Arts Center. It’s a huge vision, but we
serve a great God who chooses to use His people like you to make that vision a reality!

“Complacency” is not a word that should ever be associated with the calling on a Christ-follower. Jesus tells us
that He chose us to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. Then He says that the Father will give us whatever we
ask in His name. Your financial partnership will bear much fruit through Family Life!

Family Life has already begun this site work, but the desire is to complete it as quickly as possible. You
have blessed the ministry this past year and your sacrificial investment with a year-end gift will help Family
Life’s “Building Our Future Together” project accomplish this most important initial undertaking. As you
acknowledge how God has blessed you here at the end of 2019, would you prayerfully consider a most
generous gift to the Lord’s work at Family Life?

As a thank you for your gift, we would love to send you an instrumental CD of some of the great hymns of
the faith, a few praise songs, and a couple of Christmas selections for your enjoyment. This album produced
especially this year for Family Life’s “Building Our Future Together” project, is performed by famed pianist Jan
Mulder along with the London Symphony Orchestra. Jan Mulder’s music is the #1 selling instrumental CD on
Amazon. You will be inspired and refreshed by this compilation CD. And you will be blessed knowing that the
Lord has used you to further His kingdom work.

Merry Christmas,

Rick Snavely