Spring Sharathon 2017

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DurRegional Underwriting Representative Heidi con Ahning the third day of the Spring Sharathon, a lady approached me near the announcer’s table. It was immediately obvious that she was overwrought with emotions and would have a hard time communicating what she wanted to relate. She handed me a letter, explaining that it contained what she desired to say but couldn’t. The letter shared her testimony of a woman beaten down since early childhood. Rejected by her family, she had no purpose in life. But God did the impossible and gave her reason to live as He showed His great love for her.

At the end of her letter, she thanked Family Life over and over again. The Lord had used the radio aspect of the ministry to speak life into her. She was so grateful that Family Life was there every day to provide the encouragement and the instruction that she so desperately needed.

Her story was just one of many that we encountered during our recently concluded sharathon. It is obvious that God is using Family Life to change lives for His glory! Our prayer every day is that Family Life would continue impacting lives with His message of hope. We were so blessed to conclude the four-day fund-drive with the highest total for a spring sharathon as 77% of our financial need for the next six months was reached. But the reality is that in order to continue providing each aspect of the ministry, we need your help!

Announcer Steve SmithFinancially partnering with Family Life will be a wonderful blessing as the Lord will use it to provide the encouragement, inspiration, companionship, and instruction on which thousands have come to depend.

In a society that is increasingly turning its back on the God of creation, Family Life seeks to be used by the Lord to counteract that trend. But as I said earlier, we need your help. Your sacrificial giving, whether a one-time gift or monthly contributions, will help provide the remaining funds necessary to cover our expenses for the next six months. Your financial support will empower Family Life to continue sharing with your community and around the world that message of hope – the message, that “With God, Nothing is Impossible!”

Yours in Christ,
Rick Snavely


Family Life is a 501(c)3 Organization.