“He Still Does Miracles”

Family Life’s Spring Sharathon

April 3-6, 2019 

Have you ever taken a moment to try and recall the different miracles that you’ve read about in the Bible?  In the Old Testament, God created the earth and the heavens, He parted the Red Sea, and He made the impenetrable walls of Jericho crumble.  In the New Testament, Jesus healed the lame and the sick, He fed thousands with just a few loaves and fish, and He raised the dead to life. 

The Lord Himself said that there is nothing too difficult and nothing too hard for Him.  But you wouldn’t be alone if sometimes you question whether He still does these miraculous things today.  You might be like the father who brought his son to Jesus.  The boy had an unclean spirit and the father asked Jesus, “If you can do anything…”  Jesus responded, “If you can?”  The father’s next remark is most likely similar to ones we’ve had, “I believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” 

As I think back over the nearly 62 years of the miracle known as Family Life, I am in amazement and wonder over what the Lord has done.  So many times, we’ve come across seemingly insurmountable walls only to watch Him remove every barrier.  Never in a million years could we ever have imagined how God put together this ministry that He uses to change hearts and save lives.  He still does miracles today! 

God’s miracles continue at Family Life! 

It was a miracle when our current building was constructed in the 60s and totally paid for in three years.  It was a miracle when the first radio station went on the air in 1983.  It was a miracle in 2016 when over $1.5 million was raised in just 45 days to purchase the building in the Corning area that will become Family Life’s new headquarters.  But the greatest of all miracles are the lives that have been changed because of the Good News that is communicated every day through each outreach of Family Life.  You are part of this miracle, (Names).  As God uses your support to Family Life, He in turn uses His work here to impact lives with the message of hope found in Jesus. 

You have a part in the life of a young, single mother whose life was turned around when she heard the gospel while attending one of Family Life’s Healing Journey groups.  Her world had been falling apart, but she trusted Christ as her Savior and is now seeking to grow in Him.  You are part of the witness that took place when a man walked into our office totally broken because of struggles with his wife and children.  As he disclosed, “This is the only place I’ve ever come where I find peace.”, Family Life staff members were able to share hope with him.  You are part of a young woman’s life who grew up involved in our youth theater.  She wrote to a staff person recently, “…my ultimate goal is to glorify God with the talents He has graced me with.” 

As a result of your support, not only do you make it possible for change to take place in others, but you also benefit through the variety of ministries represented at Family Life.  Every day, you have the opportunity to turn on your radio, your computer, or your smart device and to be inspired by programming designed to help your walk with the Lord.  If there’s ever a time in your life when you need counsel from Biblically-trained professionals, it’s provided by Family Life.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun evening out with great food and a wonderful concert or theatrical production.  That is also available because of your support. 

You can again be part of God’s continuing miracle! 

Family Life is hosting its Spring Sharathon April 3-6 with our theme taken from Hawk Nelson’s song, “He Still Does (Miracles)”.  You can once again be part of the continuing miracle of this ministry with your financial investment.  I can’t begin to tell you how much your past support has meant to us.  I do know that every day, we hear from people thanking the Lord for raising up Family Life for this region.  Their gratitude comes from a heart that has been brought closer to Christ through the various outreaches. 

Your faith promise during the Spring Sharathon will be used by God to help Family Life continue to reach people. We covet your prayers that God would be glorified in all that Family Life does.  Thank you for being part of God’s miracle at Family Life! 

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely

P.S. Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church.