If You Boost It, They Will Listen!

Family Life’s Summer Fund drive.

July 10th, 2019 

You Can Impact More Lives with the Message of Hope! 

There’s a very familiar line in what is now a classic baseball movie where the main character who is contemplating turning a cornfield into a baseball diamond is often quoted as, “If you build it, they will come!”  Well, one thing we’ve learned at Family Life over the years is that if a radio signal is strong enough, people will listen.  And when they listen, lives are impacted! 

It could be someone driving down the road like a mother struggling with the loss of her son. 

“On the 12th of November, 2017 our son passed away from complications from diabetes. Family Life radio has been instrumental in helping us through the grieving process. When I got into my car on Monday (12 November, 2018) with a heavy heart, the DJ talked about dark days and Psalm 23:4,’though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death....’ it struck immediately because that's what the message was during our son's funeral. Heart lifted a little with the timely reminder from someone unrelated that we truly can rely on God and Jesus. Thank you so much!” 

It could be an 11-year-old girl who so eloquently wrote a letter that made the entire staff smile and rejoice. 

“I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helps or supports you.  A couple of months ago I started to listen to the music and programs as I went to bed.  Later on, I started to listen to you more and more…When I started to listen to you guys – even the grown-up programs – I started to see that I needed Jesus. My life was a mess without him.  So today on my Spring break, I made a decision I thought I made a long time ago.  This morning as I was listening to one of the great songs it hit me, I had no foundation.  I knew everything I could know about God and said to everyone that I was a Christian, but inside I didn’t believe that.  I didn’t understand his Word.  And this afternoon, as I was on my bed listening to one of the grown-up preachers, I realized that I really wanted God in my life, I was always scared and told myself lies.  Right there, right then, I knew I wanted to be with Jesus and serve him.  Every single program and song on there has [sic] brought me to the decision that I needed Christ my Savior.  So, I thank you and everyone.”  

It could be that you might relate to this husband who began listening to Family Life a few years ago. 

“Thank you all for sharing God’s love.  I have grown so much from listening to your programming!  I simply feel closer to my Savior when I am listening to FLN programs.  You not only challenge me, but you love on me through the challenge.  God bless FLN.” 

Though we could never know every instance of the Lord working in the lives of listeners to Family Life, there are some things that we do know.  God continues to use the radio outreach in incredible ways.  When a signal is strong enough people will listen, and He uses YOU to help make that possible! 

Each July, Family Life sets aside one day to raise funds for a special project that is not included in our general budget or covered by sharathon gifts.  This summer, our project focuses on enhancing several stations and translators so that they will provide a much better coverage to tens of thousands of listeners across the twin tiers of New York and Pennsylvania.  Family Life has been given a wonderful opportunity to raise the power of two existing stations and a handful of translators, but it comes at a cost.  And that’s why we need your help! 

Because of your past support, I know that you believe in the mission of Family.  Could we count on you once again to support these radio projects and provide a better-quality signal to areas where some have a difficult time listening?  Your investment will allow many more testimonies of God’s love and grace to be shared. 

Your gift given prior to our one-day fund drive on July 10 will be part of our starting total as we ask the Lord to provide the $250,000 needed.  You can mail your gift in, or you can contribute online at https://donate.fln.org/

Thank you for giving Family Life a “boost” to impact even more lives with the message of hope! 

Yours in Christ,



Rick Snavely



P.S. Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church.