Fall Sharathon 2015

You are most definitely needed on the team!



Our Fall Sharathon was a real inspiration to us as we heard over and over again how God is using Family Life to truly impact lives with the message of hope. Listeners shared such heartfelt stories of marriages being restored, of comfort received during painful times, of being introduced to the Savior, as a result of the various ministries at Family Life. It was an incredible three days. But financially we fell shy of our budget for the next six months because there were many team members that were on the sidelines. You are so important to the Family Life team, and we really need you!

You can be an integral part of Family Life’s team in supporting the ministry. With you and others standing with the ministry, our goal of meeting our financial needs for the next six months would be realized! As you join the team and help us reach our budget, all aspects of Family Life can attain new heights as we each follow our leader – Jesus Christ!


Year-End 2015 Update

Twelve years ago, Family Life began praying that the Lord would open a door to allow the ministry to respond to the numerous requests we had received to broadcast in Syracuse. One opportunity after another met with roadblocks and rejection. This past January, another door of opportunity opened in Syracuse, but with it came the biggest financial commitment the ministry has ever experienced. Family Life’s Board of Directors believed that God had opened this door and set a minimum amount that would have to be raised to move forward.

This past fall, a businessman and a friend of the ministry gave the largest financial contribution Family Life has ever received – an investment toward the Syracuse project! That gift allowed the ministry to reach the minimum amount set by the Board of Directors. We are now moving forward with the purchase of the two stations that will reach Syracuse and Central New York!

This $300,000 contribution was "seed money" that was used as a matching gift challenge at the end of 2015. And thanks to your generous gifts, that challenge has been met! The money will go toward the remaining costs of this purchase, as well as a number of other projects the ministry is currently working on in New York and Pennsylvania.

Thank you for being a part of the continuing miracle of Family Life! We serve an awesome God who desires to use each of our efforts to share the greatest story ever told! How wonderful a love that a perfect God would send His only Son to be born among us to show us the way to the Father, and then ultimately give His life so that we might have forgiveness of sins as we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. That is a message that is so worthy to be communicated to as many as we can. You are a blessing as you help to make that possible!