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“What a Friend!”

(We Have in Jesus)

Family Life’s Fall Sharathon

October 10-13, 2018 

Remember back to the time when you were in grade school and you entered a new classroom where you knew no one?  That feeling of loneliness, that desire for a friend was overwhelming.  Or maybe you can recount the time going off to college and standing at the window of your dorm room looking out at a mass of people below, but still realizing that you were all alone.  You’ve experienced moving into a new community because your spouse was transferred and all your family and friends have been left behind.  The emptiness in the pit of your stomach has only one cure – a friend! 

Everybody has trials and temptations
Everybody knows heart break, isolation

Everybody has fears, everybody got worries
Everybody knows sorrow, devastation

Matt Maher has so eloquently described what you, and everyone like you, have felt at some point in your life.  But the good news is we can lay those burdens down because: 

What a friend we have in Jesus
East to west my sins are gone
I see grace on every horizon
And forever and ever His heart is my home

Family Life has chosen the theme “What a Friend” for our Fall Sharathon held October 10-13.  Jesus is indeed our ultimate friend!  But He also uses His people and His work to meet our heartfelt needs.  Family Life seeks to be “A friend you can turn to,” and God uses that desire in many ways. 

A pastor has a young boy in his church who has Cerebral Palsy.  This boy attends this past summer’s Youththeater Workshop and the pastor shares “…your staff did a terrific job of including him and making him a part of the show.  That kindness has a way of filtering down into the life of our church family, so please pass along my thanks to your crew.” 

An inmate at a correctional facility opens his heart when he writes, “Recently my grandmother passed away and my dad two weeks [later] followed her to be in the presence of the Lord.  Your station has been a great blessing to me because the music was very instrumental in my grieving process.  Back-to-back, it was like God speaking to me through the songs, letting me know it was going to be OK…Your ministry blesses a lot of men who are incarcerated.  Sometimes the only spiritual food we receive is from the different programs that are available [on] Family Life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Helping people by being a friend is how the Lord uses Family Life.  “…about five years ago [is] when life, as I knew it, fell apart.  Everything that I valued in this life was shattered and I was struggling to stay in a marriage that was rapidly disintegrating.  I prayed in desperation, begging God to show me where to go for help.  His answer was The Healing Journey Bible study.  God used this study and the positive impact of the Christian music and Biblical teaching of FLN to change my life.  Our marriage and family have been restored and are much healthier.” 

Your circumstances may not be the same as in one of these three stories, but possibly, you can relate as to how the Lord has used the ministry of Family Life to have a positive impact in your life.  Maybe it is the encouragement that comes from listening to the radio programming that helps you through your day.  Or you might have a child or grandchild that has been involved in one of Family Life’s Performing Arts Department outreaches and you’ve seen the tremendous effect it has had on their life.  Your support of Family Life will assure that trained Biblical counselors are available when you or a family member is in need. 


You can help to ensure that the radio signal that you listen to, the concerts, stage productions, and the many other events you attend, and the Biblical counseling that is accessible to you continue thriving through Family Life with your involvement in the Fall Sharathon.  You can become involved in one of three ways: send back the enclosed response card with your faith promise, contribute here or call us at 800-927-9083. 


We encourage you to follow your station’s progress below, as you help your station reach its goal.  Thank you for being a part of God’s work on earth as you share with a lost world, “What a Friend we have in Jesus”! 

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely


P.S. Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we would encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church.


Station Totals





WCOF 89.5 - Where Christ Offers Forgiveness




WCOU 88.3 - Where Christ Offers Understanding




WCOM 89.3 - Where Christ Offers Mercy




WCIP 93.7 - Where Christ is Peace




WCIK 103.1 - Where Christ is King




WCIY 88.9 - Where Christ is Yours




WCIT 106.3 - Where Christ is Truth




WCIO 96.7 - Where Christ is Over All




WCIS 105.1 - Where Christ is Sufficient




WCOV 89.1 - Where Christ Offers Victory




WCOT 90.9 - Where Christ Offers Truth




WCIJ 88.9 - Where Christ is Joy




WCIH 90.3 - Where Christ is Honored




WCII 88.5 - Where Christ is Inspirational




WCGM 102.7 - Where Christ Grants Mercy




WCOP 106.1 - Where Christ Offers Peace




WCOB 89.9 - Where Christ Offers Beauty




WCOH 107.3 - Where Christ Offers Hope




WCOG 100.7 - Where Christ Offers Grace




WCIG 107.7 - Where Christ is Glorified




WCIM 91.5 - Where Christ is Merciful




WCOX 90.1 - Where Christ Offers Exchange




WCIN 91.3 - Where Christ is Near




WCID 90.9 - Where Christ is Declared




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