Fall Sharathon 2016

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There is no doubt that the light of the gospel shines even brighter in places where darkness reigns. And there’s probably no more permeating way to spread that light to your community than through the medium of radio. Your neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and friends can all listen to radio in their homes, their cars, on their smart devices, pretty much anywhere they are. Those behind prison bars can also hear the truth that “There’s a Light!” – a light that can set them free!

Family Life recently concluded its Fall Sharathon. It was a wonderful experience as caller after caller shared how the Lord is using His ministry to help in so many ways. One man called to share how he had lost his daughter in an automobile accident and she left behind two children under the age of nine. He told the phone operator that he didn’t know what he would do without the radio ministry of Family Life and how God was using this ministry tool to get him through each day.

We finished the on-air element of the sharathon with our highest total ever. The Lord truly blessed that event! But we reached only 80% of our needed goal to cover all of the ministry’s budget for the next six months.

You can help bring light to your community!

You can still have a part in helping Family Life, allowing the ministry to keep each radio signal strong and also funding the other outreach departments that are so effective in communicating the truth of God’s Word. We want you to know that you are very important to us!  Your financial involvement will help Family Life minister to thousands by providing encouragement, instruction, companionship, and inspiration for the next six months.

Can we count on you to be part of the incredible family of faith partners that God uses through Family Life? Your sacrificial giving, whether a one-time gift or monthly contributions, will help provide the remaining funds needed to reach the sharathon goal. But more important, your investment in Family Life will be used to share the truth that was our sharathon theme – “There’s a Light!” – and that light can change your community. You can contribute online or call us at 800.927.9083.

Yours in Christ,
Rick Snavely CEO


Family Life is a 501(c)3 Organization.