“The Next Step!”

Family Life’s Summer Fund Drive

July 11, 2018

You Can Be a Part of Family Life’s Building Project! 

For the past year, everywhere I go I keep hearing the same questions – “What’s the latest on the building project?” “When are you going to be moving into the new building?”  “What’s the next step?”  Let me give you a quick synopsis of what has taken place thus far and then turn our attention to “The Next Step!”.  

At the end of 2016, the Lord miraculously provided, through His people, the funds to purchase an existing building in the Corning, NY area.  This building will provide an incredible amount of space for Family Life to expand its ministry endeavors in radio, performing arts, Biblical counseling, and events.  But there is an even bigger vision for the future with the construction of a new theater/auditorium that will accommodate much larger events.  Last summer, the ministry was able to purchase an additional 21 acres of adjoining property to make that expansion possible. 

Many approvals were needed before moving on to the “The Next Step!” 

Prior to the land purchase, Family Life had to go through months of engineering surveys to satisfy the local zoning requirements.  For nearly six months, studies were conducted, meetings were attended, and revisions were made to the concept design.  After much prayer and support from Family Life friends in the local area, approvals were finally granted by both zoning and planning boards. 

At the beginning of 2018, under the direction of Family Life’s radio engineers, a group of wonderful volunteers took on the task of gutting the existing building.  Interior walls were torn down, duct work was removed, equipment was dissembled, and the building was cleared from front-to-back and from side-to-side. 

Many concepts and revisions have been drawn up and we are now ready for “The Next Step!” 

The ministry has worked closely with our architectural team to come up with a design and floor plan that will provide for Family Life for decades to come.  These initial designs have invigorated the leadership team with a vision of ministering to a greater number of people within each department.  To say that there is excitement for what this move will create would be a vast understatement.  A lot has happened in the past 18 months, and we are now ready for “The Next Step!”. 

A major capital campaign will begin later in 2018, but prior to that, Family Life will be working with our architectural firm to finalize the plans and details that are necessary for a project of this magnitude.  The conceptual design has been formulated.  The schematic design, the design development, and the final construction documents now need to be completed before actual construction can take place.  As you can imagine, the costs for all of the preliminary work are significant when considering the variety of needs that a ministry like Family Life has.  Our prayer is that the Lord would bless us with these funds so that construction can begin soon after “The Next Step!”. 

Your involvement is extremely important right now to help Family Life with “The Next Step!” 

On Wednesday, July 11 Family Life held a special one-day fund drive encouraging you, and thousands like you, to help the ministry take “The Next Step!”.  I can’t begin to express how important your involvement is right now to help Family Life move that much closer to beginning construction.  You can still prayerfully consider making a generous one-time contribution to “The Next Step!”?  Your sacrificial gift can still be sent to the ministry by mailing it to Family Life utilizing the response card below.  You can also still give online at www.fln.org/give

Helping people understand the freedom, forgiveness, and fulfillment that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the sole purpose of Family Life’s existence!  A building is nothing more than a tool that the Lord can use to invite people to hear that message.  Our vision and desire at Family Life is that this building will be a testimony of God’s faithfulness, truth, and love.  Our prayer is that as a result of this new endeavor, His greatness will be glorified throughout the entire Family Life area! 

Thank you for partnering with Family Life to impact lives with the message of hope.  May the Lord richly bless you as you follow His leading in helping Family Life with “The Next Step!”. 

Yours in Christ,


Rick Snavely