Fall Sharathon - Your "Vote" Still Counts!

God continues to use Family Life in amazing ways! We would be so grateful and blessed to have you partner with the ministry.

In less than a month voting sites will be busy as once again you have the opportunity of exercising an American right to vote for individuals seeking public office. If you haven’t filled out an absentee ballot, you basically have one chance to let your voice be heard at the ballot box. Your vote determines what course will be taken politically for thousands, even millions of people.

A few days ago another opportunity was given to people across New York and Pennsylvania to “vote”. Unlike the political process, if you missed your first opportunity to let your voice be heard, you can still make a difference in the lives of thousands, even millions of people spiritually with your “vote”.

Family Life recently concluded its Fall Sharathon with thousands of listeners sending a strong message that they want to see the radio outlets and the associated ministries that they have come to love and appreciate continue to remain strong. Their combined efforts propelled Family Life to reach the highest ever total for a sharathon. But even with this record turnout, not enough “votes” were cast to secure the continuation of everything associated with the ministry. That’s why your participation is so critical now!

      Fall Sharathon

Family Life ended the sharathon about $370,000 shy of reaching its needed budget amount of $1,700,000. This amount will allow funding for each radio station/translator, online stream, and departments in performing arts and Biblical counseling to thrive and stay strong. You have participated in recent past “elections” in showing your support of Family Life; you have provided the backing to allow the ministry to begin new initiatives; you have encouraged us with your enthusiasm to make your voice be heard in your community. Once again we are seeking your “vote” to help us get over the top and be victorious for the glory of the Lord.

Would you cast your “vote” today for Family Life by making as generous of a contribution as you possibly can? You can make a one-time gift or sign up as a monthly partner. Your help will be such an encouragement to us as we seek to enter the next six months with a budget that is fully funded. Thank you in advance for spurring Family Life on to victory!