Fall Sharathon 2015

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In a culture that is becoming more secular by the day; in a world where Christians are being martyred for their faith on a regular basis; in a time where standing for truth and morality is mocked and ridiculed; it becomes even more imperative that our personal commitment to Jesus Christ grows stronger each day!

Family Life exists to assist you, and thousands of others, in that growth.  God raised up this ministry for this very purpose – a purpose that cannot be described any better than this correspondence we received from a 17-year-old:

“I grew up listening to Family Life in Erie, Pennsylvania. Since we left Erie two years ago, it's been on my heart to write this letter to you. Recently, God has been pulling on my heart a lot to let you know how He's used Family Life to work in my own life. Faith has always been a big thing in my family. My dad has worked in some type of ministry most of his life, and my mom, five younger siblings, and myself have always been involved. Even though I have had incredible faith support in my own family, growing up, it was hard for me to find friends my age who were in the same boat – meaning friends who wanted to have a relationship with Jesus and wanted to live a life with Christian standards. God used your station to comfort me in a time when I felt really lonely. Especially in middle school, I remember getting really stressed out about things and turning on FLN and just being washed in the peace of Jesus.

When I listen to FLN, I feel like I'm part of a community. Which I am, right – as a Christian, I am part of the Church which is incredible. FLN does an amazing job of bringing the Church together. During my freshman year of high school, I listened to FLN during the hour long bus ride to and from school. And then I would put you back on when I got home. Jesus used FLN to give me strength and courage that year, to empower me to evangelize, and to take me deeper in my own faith journey.

When we moved, Family Life helped me to ease into life in Ohio. Even though I was excited about the new life we were starting, there was a lot I missed in Pennsylvania. FLN was something familiar that I was able to cling to. I wish that I could thank you enough for your "yes" to God. Having been involved with ministry my whole life, I know it isn't always easy. I know that the devil does not want you to be doing it and does his best to manipulate and stop you. But it is ALWAYS worth it to do God's will, as I'm sure that you know.

God is using your ministry in the lives of so many...He's used FLN to bring my family closer and to bring me to a radical love of His Son. Words cannot express how very grateful I am to you. Your faithful, continual "yes" has inspired me to say "yes" to God's will in my own life...Family Life has taught me that He will always provide exactly what I need...beyond that, FLN has taught me how to listen to Him and how to know Him. You guys have taught me that to live a life focused on Jesus is difficult, but worth it. You've helped me to let Him consume my heart and to recklessly follow Him.”

A letter like this one motivates us to do even more in reaching people for Jesus! You can be part of the wonderful group of people who help Family Life do just that. Your involvement in the Fall Sharathon October 1-3, will be a great help in meeting our expenses for the next six months. Whether you mail your gift in ahead of time, call during the sharathon, or contribute online, your partnership is so appreciated as we strive to proclaim, “Jesus, Only Jesus!”

Yours for Jesus,

Rick Snavely

Open Door to Syracuse

Family Life has been given exclusive rights to purchase two FM radio stations that would cover both Syracuse and parts of Central New York, including Utica and Rome. The addition of these stations would not only complete the coverage plan that the Board of Directors envisioned some years ago for New York, but would make Family Life's radio, performing arts, and Biblical counseling programs available to nearly one-million more people! Needless to say, this is an incredible answer to our prayers.

If you weren't able to give during the one day fund drive, you can still get involved! A number of Syracuse business owners have committed financial gifts to the ministry so that others would be encouraged. For every dollar given, another dollar from the matching fund will be released into the total. You can give online or mail a gift to:

Family Life
P.O. Box 506
Bath, NY 14810
(Please include "Open Door to Syracuse" on the memo line)