Be Part of Family Life’s Fence Building Project!

It was the poet Robert Frost who penned the phrase, “Good fences make good neighbors”. There is something about a good fence that creates positive relationships and keeps out unwanted elements. And this is the focus of Family Life’s next endeavor with its proposed new headquarters in the Corning area.

In 2017, Family Life received Zoning Board and Planning Board permission to move forward with this exciting project. Neighbors living in the subdivision directly behind where the large parking area for the new facility would be, shared their concerns which centered around both traffic noise and the beams of headlights entering their properties. Family Life presented a plan alleviating these concerns that was acceptable to both boards and the neighbors. This plan involved an 853’ noise barrier that was aesthetically pleasing. With the site work of clearing the land and installing the storm water management system partially done, it is now time for the construction of this fence.


Building the Fence Needs to Happen This Summer!

Family Life is asked by town officials to keep on a construction schedule showing progress with the building project. That is why it is extremely important that the inclusion of the noise barrier happens this summer. The construction of the fence would also be a tremendous public relations endeavor as the neighbors will see Family Life’s commitment to be a good neighbor.

As you can imagine, the construction of an 8’ high, 853’ long fence is not an inexpensive project. Combining the sheer size of the fence with the fact that it needs to contain special sound-deadening materials, the Family Life noise barrier will cost over $300,000 to build. But with your involvement as an “Inch-Builder”, a “Foot- Builder”, a “Yard-Builder”, or even a “Section-Builder”, you can be a part of Family Life’s “Fence Builders Club”. I will explain this later.

The fence will be similar to what you might see along major highways blocking traffic noise from nearby subdivisions.

In Family Life’s case, this fence will create a noise barrier from the main parking area for the new facility and the homes that are directly behind where vehicles will park for Family Life events. A lot of research has gone into choosing the right type of noise barrier that will not only be functional but also look attractive. As you can see from the accompanying sample photo, we have selected the right fence for Family Life’s project.

You can be a Member of the “Fence Builders Club”!

So, how can you become a “Fence Builders Club” member? When you break down the entire cost of this fence, your $30 investment will pay for one inch of the fence and would include you as an “Inch- Builder”. A gift of $360 would cover an entire foot and brand you as a “Foot-Builder”. Your contribution of $1,080 would provide for three feet and classify you as a “Yard-Builder”. And if the Lord has blessed you with the resources to make a $5,400 investment, you would cover the cost of an entire 15’ section of the fence and distinguish you as a “Section-Builder”.

Whatever level of membership you choose in the  “Fence Builders Club”, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you had a part in building the fence. Whenever you visit Family Life’s new facility in the future, you will be able to see tangible evidence of your investment knowing it is a part of the Lord’s blessing on His work at Family Life. If you are able to join the “Fence Builders Club” as a “Foot-Builder”, “Yard-Builder”, or a “Section- Builder” a decorative plaque will be on display in the lobby of the new building signifying your involvement.

On Wednesday, July 22, Family Life will host a one-day fund drive as we ask God to supply the funds needed to construct this noise barrier. Your gift given prior to July 22 will be part of our starting total as we watch again the Lord miraculously provide as He has in each step of this building campaign. You can mail your gift in the enclosed envelope, or you can contribute online at www.fln.org/give. All gifts to Family Life are tax- deductible which can be especially beneficial to you this year as giving to charities has added benefits.

Thank you once again for what you do in being used by the Lord to help Family Life impact lives with the message of hope.


Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely