Summer Fund Raiser

Your "inch" makes a difference!



Slowly I Turn...If I were to ask you what the Three Stooges, Abbot & Costello, and “I Love Lucy” all had in common, you might have a hard time answering that.  You might be young enough where you don’t even know of whom I am referring.  If you’re of the mature age where just the mention of each of these comedy acts brings a smile, you still might not be aware that each utilized the skit, “Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…”.  If you’re like me, you can still envision the Three Stooges skit with Mo and Larry taking it out on Curly every time “Niagara Falls” is mentioned!

So, why do I even bring up something that was first staged in 1944?  That phrase, “inch by inch” still has tremendous meaning today.  In fact many people have quoted the saying, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard”.  They use that slogan to illustrate a truth that big things can be accomplished by using little steps.

Listeners are so appreciative of the new and improved Family Life signals!

“We are beyond excited that you have a stronger signal on 106.1 because we now can clearly get the station on every radio in our house!!  We are blessed beyond measure by your programs, music and your entire ministry!!”

“Wow!!  What a BLESSING! When I found your station, I found the love I thought I’d lost through life’s hardships. You have been more than encouragement, you have reconnected me to God’s love. I know it was Him working through you to save my life and fill me with Grace that has changed everything.  Thank you and Praise be to God And His Son who have shown me that I am loved.”

“For the three years we lived in Cortland, New York, I felt sad when I’d be in the Syracuse area and could not find a signal!  Going through the Syracuse area, I always felt like it was a black hole for great music and it was missing FLN.  I’m so glad you have this opportunity there now and am very excited!”

Each of these testimonies from listeners were sent to Family Life as a result of a new or improved signal in their area.  Those signals did not happen overnight.  But inch by inch God paved the way and opened the doors for each of them to become reality.  That reality is something that the Lord can make happen again as you become part of this summer’s “Inch by Inch” project!

As the ministry continues seeking to provide the best possible programs and signals throughout the two-state region of New York and Pennsylvania, the need to build new and improved towers is paramount.  In fact, the construction of a combined 1500 feet of tower height is necessary to maximize the coverage of eight different signals in both states.

Every $25 covers one inch of a new tower!

TowerThe cost to purchase and erect that total amount of tower height is pretty substantial.  But if you and every Family Life Faith Partner participate in the “Inch by Inch Club”, each of these towers will become a reality in the coming months.  By participating with your gift of $25, you will cover the cost of one inch of these towers; your contribution of $100 covers four inches; your investment of $300 will pay for twelve inches, or a foot; and if a yard isn’t too hard, your gift of $900 will pick up the tab for an entire yard!  You can make a contribution online. You can also call Family Life or mail a check with a note that says "Inch by Inch."

By sharing in the “Inch by Inch” project you can make a difference in allowing one more person, or even one more family to be able to listen daily to the message of hope heard on Family Life.

“I just wanted to say that Family Life helps me know I’m not lost, God hears me and He is blessing me with His saving grace.  When I don’t know where to turn, I turn on the radio and always find a friend there.  God bless Family Life and all who make this possible.”

Thank you in advance for your participation in this exciting project.  With God all things are possible – even when it happens inch by inch!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely