Open Door to Syracuse Update: 10.22.15

Family Life has been given exclusive rights to purchase two FM radio stations that would cover both Syracuse and parts of Central New York, including Utica and Rome. The addition of these stations would not only complete the coverage plan that the Board of Directors envisioned some years ago for New York, but would make Family Life's radio, performing arts, and Biblical counseling programs available to nearly one-million more people! Would you prayerfully being involved? You can give online or mail a gift to:

Family Life
P.O. Box 506
Bath, NY 14810
(Please include "Open Door to Syracuse" on the memo line)

Fall Sharathon 2015

You Are Most Definitely Needed on the Team!



Our recently concluded Fall Sharathon was a real inspiration to us as we heard over and over again how God is using Family Life to truly impact lives with the message of hope. Listeners shared such heartfelt stories of marriages being restored, of comfort received during painful times, of being introduced to the Savior, as a result of the various ministries at Family Life. It was an incredible three days. But financially we fell shy of our budget for the next six months because there were many team members that were on the sidelines.

I remember the many opportunities that I had playing on various sports teams years ago. In every scenario our teams were never as good when a player was out of the lineup because of an injury or for some other reason. The team just didn’t function to its fullest ability when a key player was missing. We were never able to achieve the successes that we had when everyone on the team was involved.

You know, that’s the same way we feel at Family Life. When one of our on-air personalities is out with sickness, we still function, but something is definitely missing. And when our extended “team” is missing some key people, like YOU, we are definitely hindered in our effectiveness and productivity. You are so important to the Family Life team, and we really need you!

You can be an integral part of Family Life’s team in supporting the ministry. It is our hope and prayer that you can provide that needed boost to carry the ministry to a victorious outcome. In the sports world, a last minute goal, a touchdown in overtime, or a walk-off homerun in the ninth inning provides an exuberating thrill that’s hard to describe. At Family Life, when our goal is achieved through every team member’s involvement, the joy of God’s blessing is experienced by all.

With you and others standing with the ministry, our goal of meeting our financial needs for the next six months would be realized! As you join the team and help us reach our budget, all aspects of Family Life can attain new heights as we each follow our leader – Jesus Christ!

Yours for Him,

Rick Snavely

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