“Enlarge Our Territory” Has Reached 100%!

A Personal Note from CEO Rick Snavely


If there is anything we have learned over the 63-year history of Family Life, it is that the Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth and nothing can be added to that!  That promise comes from the book of Psalms and it is a promise that once again we claim as our God has miraculously provided for our needs in helping Family Life reach our “Enlarge Our Territory” goal! 

On Wednesday, I received a call from dear friends of the ministry sharing the desire they had of seeing Family Life reach the $600,000 goal for the purchase of two additional radio stations in western Pennsylvania.  They were aware that the ministry had reached the 90% mark of that goal and that the Board of Directors had moved forward with an Asset Purchase Agreement for the stations trusting the Lord for the final 10%.  This couple generously offered a $30,000 matching gift challenge, which when matched would help Family Life reach the goal.  A day later, we made public this challenge and began to ask listeners to help match this $30,000 commitment. 

Little did we know that on that same Wednesday, the Lord spoke to another couple who in December, had already given an extremely large gift for this project.  Prior to our even announcing the $30,000 matching gift challenge, they had determined to give another large gift to help us reach the goal!  Only our great God can orchestrate these types of things.  His blessing is indeed our greatest wealth! 

With additional gifts that came to Family Life since the day we announced the $30,000 matching gift challenge, we have now reached the $600,000 goal providing the funds needed to purchase these stations!  Our hearts are so full of joy and praise for the Lord’s provision.  Even as more gifts come to the ministry, God is providing for the construction of a new tower that will be necessary for one of the newly purchased stations.  Though this extra cost is huge, we have been reminded once again that there is nothing that our God cannot do! 



Rick Snavely