“God, You Have Done Great Things!”

Family Life’s Spring Sharathon

April, 2020

Have you ever walked outside during the late-night hours and looked up to the sky to see hundreds, even thousands of stars twinkling as they dot the heavens?  You look at a full moon shining brightly, and you quickly realize that only a great, powerful God could have ever conceived and created such a vast domain. 

I love the verse in the Book of Ephesians where God speaks through the Apostle Paul that He can do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power at work within us.”  The God whose power created the universe is still exhibiting that power through His children, you and me, in doing great things today! 

At Family Life, we are humbled to see how God is using His work to do great things. 

God, You have done great things in changing lives through the radio! 

“Thank you so much for your work in sharing the gospel to so many each and every day!  ‘God uses radio’ is a true statement!  Many years ago, I walked away from the Lord for a time.  I had a difficult divorce, my son and I suffered and struggled.  I felt then, ‘if God loved us these things would not happen’ etc.  I was very bitter, and I dismissed my Christian co-worker and her talk about God and His love for us.  Then one day, God moved my office, the only radio station I could get in was Family Life!  God used that radio to bring me back to a bigger and better relationship with our Lord.” 

God, You have done great things in working with young people! 

“Tomorrow, I will wake up and wish I was going to the Family Life Youtheatre workshops.  You have done so much for me and I will miss you.  I will pray that we will meet again someday…You’ve taught me you can glorify God while doing an amazing musical…Last night I was looking up Bible verses and this one appeared in front of me: ‘Repent of your sins and turn to God for the kingdom of heaven is near’. (Matthew 3:2) And it fit right in with our musical.” 

God, You have done great things in encouraging pastors! 

I just wanted to express my thanks for the overall ministry of FLM.  This fall I have attended the Pastor’s Conference, the 5K race at the Share-a-thon and the Sexuality and the Church presentation.  In each event the word I would use to describe them is ‘excellence’.  Thank you for FLM’s commitment to pastors.  I was a full-time pastor for eleven years back in the 80s and 90s, and then I re-entered this joyful, but difficult, ministry in 2016.  I have a lot more ‘tools in my tool box’ than I did back when I was young, but the job still can be hard; and the way you folks took care of us was wonderful.” 

God, You have done great things in reaching those incarcerated! 

“A concerned mother returned to her car after visiting with her son at a local county jail.  As she finished breathing a prayer for him, she turned on Family Life just in time to hear the sponsorship of the Wednesday News at Noon by Golden Key Prison Ministry.  She wrote down the website and reached out to me via email.  This past Tuesday I was able to meet with her son and help him on his path to discipleship in his relationship with Jesus Christ.” 

These are just a sample of the stories that we hear of how God is doing great things in the lives of people just like you.  His blessing is indeed our greatest asset and you are part of that blessing as you support the ministry of Family Life!  The Lord uses His people to do His work and in so doing, He blesses both His people and His work! 

As we approach Family Life’s Spring Sharathon on April 23-25, I would once again like to ask you for the blessing of a generous gift to help the ministry with its substantial needs.  Our goal for the Spring Sharathon is $2.1 million.  A number of years ago, many friends of the ministry loaned Family Life the funds to construct and purchase additional radio stations.  God has done great things as the radio outreach has more than doubled since 2007.  This year, many of those loans are due and your help with the Sharathon will be especially appreciated as we pay off these loans and continue to provide the ministry outreaches that have blessed you.

Thank you in advance for helping Family Life.  With your financial involvement in the Spring Sharathon, you will be part of God continuing to do great things! 

Yours in Christ,


Rick Snavely