You Can Make a Difference This Christmas! 

You wake up in the morning as the clock radio goes off playing Family Life.  As you prepare the day, you let out a chuckle as the Morning Show team says something that tickles your fancy.  You hear an encouraging word from the verse-of-the-day that puts your focus on things of the Lord.  As you make your way through the day, you are reminded many times, through the music and spoken word, that you are loved with an everlasting love by the God who created you.  As you begin to retire for the evening, you turn on Family Life’s Gentle Praise, and the soothing music helps settle your mind and spirit after a stressful day. 

This is a scenario that possibly happens most every day in your life.  Whether you listen to Family Life’s over-the-air broadcast or one of the online music streams, you are blessed as you know that you’ve had a part in keeping each of these outreaches thriving.  What’s even more rewarding is that you know that your neighbor, your co-worker, or another family member has the exact same opportunity as you do because of your financial involvement.  You are blessed when you hear stories of others whose lives have been impacted with the message of hope found in Jesus, people like Emily (not her real name) who wrote to us. 

Dear FLN Family, I’ve been a listener for almost 20 years, and your ministry has blessed our family in so many ways.  I will not try to detail them all, but the biggest impact took place about 5 years ago when life, as I knew it, fell apart.  Everything that I valued in this life was shattered and I was struggling to stay in a marriage that was rapidly disintegrating.  I prayed in desperation, begging God to show me where to go for help. 

His answer was The Healing Journey Bible study.  God used this study and the positive impact of the Christian music and Biblical teaching of FLN to change my life.  Our marriage and family have been restored and are much healthier…Last month I was reminded once again of what a lifeline FLN is to the hurting. 

A woman came into my office to address a situation.  As I helped her, she told me that she had just lost her job and her husband had left her and their four small children.  She questioned her value as a woman, wife, and mother.  I assured her that God loved her and wanted to help her through what she was facing.  She left still looking heartbroken and dejected.  I wrote a note and sent it to her once again expressing God’s love and having a purpose for her.  I invited her to our church.  Weeks passed and she never came to my church. 

Last month I was working when the same woman walked in with a huge smile on her face.  She had come to thank me for pointing her back to Jesus.  She and her children are attending a small country church and her eldest has asked to be baptized.  She happily declared, ‘By losing my job I had the time to get back to my Bible.  God used the terrible to bring me back to Him!’ 

I asked her if she ever listened to FLN.  She grinned and exclaimed, ‘All the time!  It helps me every day.’ 

The ripple effect of FLN is amazing and I’m so thankful to be able to be a part of supporting such a God-honoring ministry.  To God Be the Glory!” 

You made a difference in both of these lives!

Those stories bring tears of joy to our eyes as they are another reminder that the Lord is using His ministry at Family Life.  You are part of His ministry and these changed lives because you care and you give! 

God has blessed Family Life with a wonderful radio outreach and other supporting ministries.  As we come to the close of 2018, we encounter a number of major projects and one exciting opportunity.  We regularly receive requests, sometimes passionate pleas, to enhance a radio signal in a certain area.  Family Life has been blessed with the opportunity to purchase an existing FM station in the Smethport-Port Allegany area of Pennsylvania.  This signal will fill in a large hole that currently does not receive a quality signal.  The current owner really desires for this ministry to have his station and has drastically reduced the asking price if Family Life would purchase it. 

Our other major projects include things that might not appear to you as being “exciting” but are actually necessary for a quality signal to be delivered to each station.  These include the completion of a new satellite delivery setup and the purchase of a new digital delivery structure.  Both of our current systems are antiquated and in desperate need of being replaced. 

You might be wondering what is happening with Family Life’s new building project.  We are excited to report that the final floor plans have been approved, construction drawings are being prepared, a capital campaign will begin in 2019, and construction will commence as the Lord provides.  In the meantime, Family Life continues to invest in reaching even more people with the tool of radio. 

God wants you to test Him with your giving! 

     By making as generous of an investment as you can make during this Christmas season, you will be part of an incredible family that will empower Family Life to reach more people and be even more effective and productive in its outreach.  God loves a cheerful and generous giver.  In fact, the only time in the Bible that He asks you to test Him is with your giving, and He so desires to bless you as you test Him that way. 

Please know that Family Life’s continued passion and commitment is to use the tools with which He has blessed the ministry to bring Him glory – by reaching the greatest number of people as we can through as many means possible!  

Merry Christmas, 



Rick Snavely



P.S.  All gifts to Family Life are tax-deductible.  If you are 70 ½ or older and are required to take a minimum distribution (RMD) from your retirement account, please read over the enclosed information on how you can receive a tax benefit while helping Family Life with your RMD.