Open Door To Syracuse

You can be part of a miracle!




July 15 was an incredible day! Thank you to the 2,000 faith partners who participated in the one day fund drive. We would also like to thank the 241 first-time contributors to the ministry.

If you weren't able to give during the one day fund drive, you can still get involved! A number of Syracuse business owners have committed financial gifts to the ministry so that others would be encouraged. For every dollar given, another dollar from the remaining $84,500 matching fund will be released into the total. You can give online, or mail a gift to:

Family Life
P.O. Box 506
Bath, NY 14810
(Please include "Open Door to Syracuse" on the memo line)

"Please come to Syracuse!"

Near the turn of this century, the Board of Directors at Family Life mapped out the geographic territory that we believed the Lord would have the ministry reach with radio and its associated ministries. Miraculously, we have witnessed how God has opened doors for that growth to occur over the past 15 years. Today, there are still a few smaller areas in that map that are not yet reached. But there is one major metro area that has been a prayerful target for many years – SYRACUSE!

"Why Syracuse?" you might ask. Family Life has received a tremendous number of requests from those living in Syracuse and Central New York to provide its radio programming to their area. Seldom does a Family Life event take place where we are not implored by attendees to "Please come to Syracuse!" With that market saturated with radio signals, it is impossible to build a new radio station. Purchasing an existing station is the only way to reach Syracuse.

Seven years ago, we were presented with an open door in Syracuse. But one week before we had the chance to move on it, that door closed. Since that death of a vision, we’ve asked the Lord every day for another opportunity to minister to the thousands that have requested Family Life’s presence in Syracuse. And He has answered that prayer!

Family Life has been given exclusive rights (until the middle of August) to purchase two FM radio stations that would cover both Syracuse and parts of Central New York, including Utica and Rome. The addition of these stations would not only complete the coverage plan that the Board of Directors envisioned some years ago for New York, but would make Family Life's radio, performing arts, and Biblical counseling programs available to nearly one-million more people! Needless to say, this is an incredible answer to our prayers.

What will it take?

So, what does it take to purchase these two strategically placed stations? A miracle from the Lord! And what truly is exciting is that He seeks to use you and me to make this possible. The total cost for both stations is $2.5 million – an amount that is a very good price for the quality and the reach of these stations. We are currently working with two entities that could provide $1.5 million toward the total amount leaving just $1 million more to be provided. And that’s where God can use you.

God will do amazing things!

Our prayer is that you would help Family Life by doing something to reach Syracuse and Central New York. Thank you in advance for listening to how the Lord would have you be involved. Please join us as we watch God do amazing things!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely