GREATER: Spring Sharathon

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You wake up in the middle of the night anxious about a wayward child, and you pray. You sit down to pay the bills and once again face the harsh reality that your expenses this month exceed your income. You work so hard to make it to the next level only to find out that someone else with less experience and drive surpasses you. You visit the doctor’s office because something just doesn’t seem right and are confronted with the "Big C" word.

You have probably faced similar scenarios to these and have questioned, "How am I going to get through this?" Life is indeed full of trials and tribulations. Hardship and sorrow do not discriminate. But there is hope!

One of the foundational truths found in the Bible is that God is GREATER! He is greater than he who is in the world seeking to tear you down; His protection is greater than any security system you might have; His grace is greater than any sin you and I could ever be guilty of; His power is greater than any obstacle you will face in this life; His love is greater than any human relationship you have ever encountered. Simply put, God is greater than whatever challenge you may face.

The message that our Lord is intimately concerned about every need you have is one that Family Life shares every day, and in so many ways. The greatness of our God is an incredible reality that you can experience. His greatness is felt daily at Family Life as we see His hand open the hearts of so many through the ministry’s various outreaches.

"I listen to FLN whenever I can! You are such a blessing to me. The daily scripture is a reminder to keep my focus on Him. Last week was the verse, 'He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world'. It has become one of my favorites…"

"Hello! I started listening to Family Life about a year ago. Though I am still learning exactly what it means to come to Christ, I know that without Family Life’s music, I wouldn’t be where I am on my religious journey."

"Your love for the Lord shines brightly – and with joy – and humor in a dark world that is sometimes overwhelming. The encouraging words and music are a beacon of light during a storm, and a helping touch of kindness in the programming on your Network..."

Spring Sharathon LogoFamily Life is in its 58th year of communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ. In a world that is constantly changing and full of turmoil, Family Life communicates an unchanging truth and a message of hope that God is GREATER! To do that we really need your help!

Our goal/need to provide the necessary finances for the radio network, the Biblical counseling ministry, the performing arts department, the online music streams, and all the other associated ministries is $1.75 million. Our expenses have risen significantly this past year as Family Life is now providing better signals to many areas of the radio network and also expanding the reach of the online streams.

You can be used by the Lord to be an incredible blessing to Family Life with your financial involvement in the Spring Sharathon. We encourage you to become part of the family that God uses to make this ministry possible. We would also urge you to become part of the 500-for-5 prayer warrior team that prays for God’s blessing upon the sharathon for five minutes each day. Prayer moves the hand of God and is our number one reason that we experience His blessing!

Thank you in advance for the part you will play in helping Family Life continue to thrive and be used by the Lord to reach people.  As one of the testimonies in this letter states, our desire is to be that beacon of light shining in our world. Family Life continues to proclaim the truth that nothing is too big for our God – because He is GREATER!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely

P.S.  We would strongly encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church.  Family Life never replaces God’s ordained institution, but rather our desire is to serve the local church with complimentary areas of ministry.