Spring Sharathon 2016

You can help share the joy of the Lord!



During the Spring Sharathon, a young man called with a number of questions.  One of our staff members began to converse with him.  This caller had been listening to the sharathon and was drawn by the joy he heard in the announcers.  He communicated that he didn’t have that joy, but wanted it.  The staff member shared with him about Jesus, and that He is the only true joy-giver.  The young man surrendered his life and put his trust in Christ right then!

This was just one of the many exciting moments during the Spring Sharathon.  Every day we pray that listeners would encounter Christ as a result of what they hear on Family Life.  Seeing first-hand how God used Family Life to reach this young man, is a blessing we will never forget!

If you ever had the opportunity of answering phones during a sharathon, you would experience the heart-felt testimonies from listeners as they share how God uses this ministry in their lives.  The Lord has truly blessed Family Life, and we stand in awe of the doors He has opened.  I have to admit that there are some days when the responsibilities and expectations placed upon us can be overwhelming.  But then I’m reminded of the wise words my father used to say; “I’m glad it’s His ministry as He is the One who has to provide!”

It’s rewarding that God chooses to use each of us to do His work, as well as to provide for it.  The spiritual exercise of giving is one that grows our faith like none other.  We saw that truth being put into practice many times during the sharathon as we were blessed to reach a total of just over $1.3 million.  We are extremely grateful for attaining that amount, but to meet all our expenses for the next six months, that leaves about a $450,000 shortage for our budget.

Would you consider blessing Family Life by supporting the various outreaches of the ministry?  As God allows us to continue to touch lives, help families, encourage local churches, and point people to God’s grace, we would be extremely blessed to count you once again as a faith partner.  Family Life can be trusted, as is evidenced by this letter from Charity Navigator, one of this country’s largest charity watchdog organizations. Your sacrificial gift to Family Life will help insure that each ministry department thrives in glorifying God by communicating the biblical truth that the joy of the Lord is indeed our strength!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely