Spring Sharathon 2017

"With God, nothing is impossible!"



On December 22, 2014, Family Life was offered the opportunity of purchasing radio stations that would reach Syracuse and Central New York.  The price was $2.5 million – a price that was humanly impossible given the ministry’s limited resources and budget.  But with God, nothing is impossible!

On September 29, 2016, Family Life was presented a proposal to acquire a building near Corning, NY that could become the ministry’s new headquarters.  The initial asking price of $1.75 million was reduced to $1.4 million with the caveat that the building had to be purchased by the end of 2016.  To raise those kinds of funds in three months was unthinkable.  But with God, nothing is impossible!

Family Life has been used by the Lord for 60 years to draw people into a closer relationship with Him.  Over the past six decades, thousands of individuals have given testimonies of how their lives have been changed because of one aspect of the ministry or another.  Broken marriages have been healed, addictions have been overcome, and lives headed down the wrong path have been miraculously changed all because with God, nothing is impossible!

I’ve had the privilege of watching the hand of the Lord bless Family Life for many years.  I stand in awe of what has taken place.  If there is one thing I know about the God we serve, it’s that He never wants us to be complacent.  There will always be more people to reach; there will always be more effective and productive ways to communicate His love; there will always be challenges that stretch our faith far beyond our capacity.  God asks us to trust Him and watch Him do the impossible.

What started off as a fledgling youth ministry in 1957 has been blessed by the Lord to grow into a multi-faceted outreach that touches hearts and lives through radio broadcasting, performing arts, biblical counseling, and many other endeavors.  Throughout the years, God’s people, just like you, have made this ministry possible through generous financial support.

Family Life is currently embarking on the most exciting adventure of our 60-year existence.  As we are in the process of developing plans for a new headquarters that will accommodate an incredible increase in ministry outreach, we’re praying that God once again will do the impossible.  And that prayer begins now for Family Life’s Spring Sharathon taking place April 5-8.

With each sharathon, we ask you to help provide the financial resources needed to fund all of the ministry’s endeavors for the following six months.  Did you know that our financial partners contribute about 85% of Family Life’s operating budget?  Without them, none of these ministries would be available.

You can help meet the $1.8 million need for the next six months by donating online or calling us at 800.927.9083 during the sharathon.   Your support will be a wonderful blessing and it will help insure the continuation of each ministry department upon which so many have come to depend.

The Spring Sharathon theme is so fitting for what Family Life has experienced over 60 years – “With God, Nothing is Impossible!”  This theme is taken from Sidewalk Prophets’ newest release, “Impossible”.  The lyrics of this song sum up what we truly believe at Family Life.

Precious God you bring life from death
With your word all of time began
Is possible, the impossible
Everything is possible
Watch our God do the impossible!

This financial need is at the highest level in our history but so is the number of people that the ministry is reaching with the gospel.  At Family Life, our commitment to serve the Lord with all that He has blessed us with is unwavering.  Our prayer is that God, by His power, would do more than we can ask or imagine.  Our passion is that in 2017, Family Life would be enabled to continue witnessing and proclaiming the undeniable truth that “With God, Nothing is Impossible!”

Yours in Christ,
Rick Snavely

P.S.  Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we would encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church!

P.P.S.  You can join the excitement by volunteering for the Spring Sharathon.  For more information, learn more online or call 800.927.9083.


Family Life is a 501(c)3 Organization.