“To God be the Glory!”

Family Life’s Spring Sharathon

April 4-7, 2018

Have you ever experienced the blessing of the Lord, time after time after time, to the point where all you can do is raise your hands in adoration and give God glory?  Have you ever had the opportunity of witnessing a miraculous feat where you knew that it was impossible without divine intervention?  Have you ever feasted on the presence of the Lord where all you could mutter are the words, “I’m so blessed!”?  If you have experienced any of these things, you know exactly the heart of gratitude that we feel at Family Life as the Lord has revealed Himself to us so many times. 

The only way to describe the miracle of Family Life is, “To God be the glory!” 

Sixty years ago, God blessed the vision of a group of men who desired to see a ministry started for young people.  That blessing has continued and expanded over the past six decades as the Lord has miraculously grown Family Life into a multi-faceted ministry reaching hundreds of thousands of people every day.  No one could ever have imagined this taking place.  Someone once said, “If you can explain it, it’s not a miracle.”  The only way to describe the miracle of Family Life is, “To God be the glory!” 

As we conclude our 60th year of ministry with the Spring Sharathon, our prayer continues to be that the Lord will use each ministry tool, each outreach department, and every member of the Family Life family to bring glory to Him by impacting lives with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

There is no better theme to celebrate 60 years than to use the song rewritten especially for Family Life by our good friends Selah, “To God be the Glory!”  That wonderfully inspiring version of the grand hymn of the faith will be prominently played during the Spring Sharathon from April 4-7. 

God’s blessing comes through you! 

We have experienced many incredible blessings from God in the past, and it’s our passion to never become stagnant but continue to seek new and innovative ways to share that message of hope.  The team at Family Life are visionaries and have put together a very exciting plan of ministry for the next few years.  Part of that plan is to take some big steps forward toward moving into our new headquarters – a move that will open so many new doors of opportunity to reach even more people.  But for these plans to materialize, God’s blessing will need to be seen in greater ways.  And that blessing will come through you! 

As Family Life has grown exponentially over the past few years, so too has our budget to fund each endeavor.  I want to personally thank you if you have been a part of what the Lord is doing through Family Life and encourage you to be involved in our upcoming Spring Sharathon.  Our need for the next six months has grown to $1.85 million to completely fund every ministry outreach.  It is your generous and sacrificial financial support that He uses to sustain this ministry.  Can we count on you to be a faith partner with the ministry during the Sharathon? 

Our goal is to continue doing the Lord’s work as long as He continues to bless and provide! 

You can partner with Family Life in one of three ways: mail your faith promise to Family Life; PO Box 506, Bath, NY 14810, contribute online at www.fln.org/share,  or call us at 800-927-9083 during the Sharathon.  We encourage you to follow your station’s progress online at our Sharathon page, www.fln.org/share, as we are trusting the Lord for each station to reach its goal

Family Life understands that the local church is ordained of God, and because of that we would encourage you NOT to give to Family Life what belongs to your local church. 

Thank you for partnering with us as we wrap up our 60th year of impacting lives with the message of hope.  Our goal is to continue doing the Lord’s work as long as He continues to bless and provide.  And of course, as His blessing continues allowing us to touch the hearts of the many that Family Life reaches, our song of praise will always be, “To God be the Glory!” 

Yours in Christ, 


Rick Snavely


P.S.  You can join the excitement by volunteering for the Spring Sharathon.  For more information, visit us online at www.fln.org/volunteer, or call 800-927-9083.


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