Fall Sharathon 2014

God continues to use Family Life in amazing ways! We would be so grateful and blessed to have you partner with the ministry October 2-4.

A woman, now single, walks into her home at night filled with loneliness and stuck with the reality that her days that used to be shared with a loving husband are now a thing of the past. He died unexpectedly a few months earlier. Though her heart aches with sorrow and loss, she knows that God’s grace is sufficient. As she opens the front door she is greeted by music that blesses her heart and encourages her soul. It’s been a long day, but her spirits are revived as she hears the Word of God taught in a loving, relatable manner. She is a testimony of God’s grace!

A man rises early in the morning, the same way he has for the past four years. He hasn’t seen his family in a long time – in fact they’ve pretty much given up on him. You see, he’s an inmate in prison wondering how he ever got there. His heart could be filled with anger and frustration. But today, just like he’s done for the past few years, he’s turned on the radio and found encouragement and meaning to life. Where self-pity and disillusionment could easily rule in his life, he has been helped with the daily companionship of his “family” on the radio. He’s a testimony of God’s grace!

A brother and sister enjoyed turning on their favorite country radio station. Though the message of many of the lyrics to those songs were not the most edifying, it was still what they liked to have on in the background. Then one day their parents discovered an alternative on the air-waves – something that had a positive message to it. From then on that’s all that they were allowed to listen to in their home. Years later, these older siblings are grateful that their parents were instrumental in changing their listening habits. Their new radio station not only helped them through some very rough patches health-wise, but has impacted them in a life-changing way. They are a testimony of God’s grace!

These are not made up stories. They are real-life accounts that have been communicated to Family Life over the past few months. They represent just part of the many ways the Lord continues to use the ministry outreaches of Family Life to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life and of all ages. These testimonies are a constant reminder of God’s amazing grace!

Family Life exists because the Lord uses you to help provide for the ministry’s many needs. Your prayer and financial support is so appreciated and absolutely necessary to allow Family Life to continue providing the variety of ministries that literally reach hundreds of thousands of people each week. The impact that Family Life has in each of these lives happens because of your involvement!

This year’s sharathon theme is, “This is Amazing Grace!”, taken from the song of the same title by Phil Wickham. The lyrics fit perfectly with we what we communicate on a daily basis at Family Life.

This is amazing grace; This is unfailing love
That You would take my place; That You would bear my cross
You lay down Your life; That I would be set free
Oh, Jesus, I sing for; All that You’ve done for me

      Fall Sharathon

Our six-month need is $1.7 million to cover every aspect of the ministry. You can help the ministry reach this goal! Your commitment to do what you can, as you are led by the Lord, will be a great encouragement to us as well as inspiring others to have a part. We fell short of our goal during the Spring Sharathon, and as a result had to cut back in some areas. Our prayer is that the Lord will use your generosity and sacrificial giving to help us reach our budget.

You can contribute by mailing in the response card with your faith promise or by donating online. Or you can join us during our three-day sharathon and call in the amount the Lord has spoken to your heart. We would also encourage you to become part of the “500-for-5” Club and commit to pray for Family Life five minutes each day. We know that it is as a result of prayer that God does great things. We also invite you to join us in person during the three days of the sharathon. We have wonderful family events scheduled for Friday night and all day Saturday, including our head chef, Nick Finlayson’s award-winning barbeque chicken.

Whatever way you become involved, please know that your partnership with Family Life is something that we hold in the highest regards. Our mission is to see lives changed for the cause of Christ. We appreciate you having a part of that mission!