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Neighborhoods in the Network / Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

07.15.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour takes visitors three hundred feet below the earth’s surface to experience what was a way of life for anthracite coal miners for 150 years. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for this Neighborhoods in the Network report on this heritage tourist ...

FLN News / Why Women Are Healthier Than Men

07.14.09 | Bob Price

Did you know that women live on average five years longer than men. FLN's Bob Price talks to nutritional expert Doug Ingoldsby about the longevity disparity between the sexes.

FLN News / Cha-Ching on a Shoe String

07.13.09 | Bob Price

There's a new money-saving website that was born out of necessity by a Binghamton-area family hard hit by the recession.

Food For Thought / Food Safety Standards

07.10.09 | Sherri Watters

The White House went public this week with a new food safety panel to make sure what goes from the farm, to the field, to the grocery store, to your mouth is safe. Food For Thought's Sherri Waters wonders if this amount of government oversight is really necessary.

FLN News / The Gary Harvey Story

07.09.09 | Sarah Harnisch

It's a local Terry Shaivo story. Four years ago, Gary Harvey had a heart attack and fell down the basement stairs -- and was brain damaged. His wife Sarah ended up losing guardianship of her husband while trying to protect him. FLN's Sarah Harnisch went directly to Sarah just weeks before a court ...

FLN News / New Treatment For Epilepsy

07.08.09 | Bob Price

There's a new drug on the market that helps alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy. FLN's Bob Price talks with a patient and a medical expert about what makes it so effective.

FLN News / Sunday School Syndrome

07.07.09 | Bob Price

Two-thirds of the young people raised in the Church will abandon the tenants of the faith by the time they reach college age. FLN's Bob Price asks Ken Ham with Answers in Genesis, what can be done to reverse what he calls "The Sunday School Syndrome."

FLN News / Is Sarah Palin Fit to be President?

07.06.09 | Bob Price

FLN News political analyst Scott Wheeler talks to Bob Price about the political aspirations of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

FLN News / Sing the Word

07.03.09 | Sarah Harnisch

The Harrow Family from Upstate New York has set over 100 verses to music -- in just about every genre imaginable -- and their children do the vocals and play instruments. How does a family go from singing songs on the living room floor -- to mass producing CD's?

FLN News / Summer Vacation Destinations

07.02.09 | Bob Price

Travel-mom Emily Kauffman says it's time to re-think summer vacation. Listen in to her talk with FLN's Bob Price.