FL News Podcasts

TLI: The Future of the Arts in Public School

06.09.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the future of the fine arts programs in public school in light of budget cutbacks and other priorities.

Inside Out 100: Winning Him Without Words

06.09.11 | Kurt Goff

"I'm a believer but my spouse isn't." For those in a spiritually mismatched marriage there is great hope not just to survive but to thrive! Dineen Miller is in that challenging place right now and shares from the heart with Kurt Goff on this edition of Inside Out.

FL News: Marrying Your Money

06.08.11 | Ed Thomas

Couples starting their lives together get tips on how to avoid pitfalls as they learn to merge their finances honestly and wisely.

Inside Out 99: Disordered Eating

06.08.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

If we use food to medicate anxiety, find companionship or punish ourselves, our eating is disordered. Registered dietitian, author, and nutrition editor Ann Capper joins Martha Manikas-Foster to talk about food, life and finding our identity in God.

FL News: Presidential Politics with Dr. Kevin Hardwick

06.07.11 | Bob Price

Will Christians support a Mormon in the white house? Will Sarah Palin run? And who are values-voters and why do they matter? These are questions we put to Dr. Kevin Hardwick, a political analyst at Canisius College in Buffalo.

Inside Out 98: When The Word Leads Your Pastoral Search

06.07.11 | Kurt Goff

At any given time there are thousands of churches seeking a lead pastor. While a great resume, a friendly smile and a memorable sermon will convince many, what should local congregations focus on to find a new shepherd? Pastor Chris Brauns joins Kurt Goff.

FL News: How Best to Control Blemishes

06.06.11 | Bob Price

Acne affects 60 million people in this country - we're talking to a board certified dermatologist about what works at getting it under control.

Inside Out 97: Experience God As Your Provider

06.06.11 | Kurt Goff

Do you believe God is your source; your provider? You may say "yes" but truly knowing means experiencing the reality for yourself. Brian Kluth joins Kurt Goff to share some real-life stories and timeless Biblical principles.

Inside Out 96: God Laughs

06.03.11 | Kurt Goff

Did you know that God laughs? There are many things God does that you may not have thought about ever before, and the more we know, the better we can respond to Him. God sees. God winks. God hears. He cries, He waits and He runs. He is jealous and gets angry. He smiles, frowns and sings! ...

TLI: The End of the School Year

06.02.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the activities that keep everyone busy at the end of the school year, from sports banquets and baccalaureate to graduations and concerts.