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FLN News / Is it Time to Buy a Home?

06.30.09 | Bob Price

Gail Cunningham with the National Foundation of credit counseling says she doesn't know where the bottom of the mortgage crisis is...but what she does know is...

FLN News / Christian Radio Making Waves in Iraq

06.29.09 | Bob Price

The advance of Christian Radio in Iraq has been nothing short of remarkable. With the help of The Joshua Fund, two new stations are on the air in northern Iraq. Mid-East scholar Joel Rosenberg talks to FLN News about what makes Christian radio so effective at communicating the Gospel.

Food For Thought / Nutritional Answers For Summertime Allergies

06.26.09 | Sherri Watters

Ask anybody with them - it has been a tough year for allergies. Family Life's Sherri Watters examines some of the nutritional options for coping with the summertime sniffles.

FLN News / Images From Iran

06.25.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The post-election violence in Iran is being beamed to the world via new media and much of it is vicious, disturbing, and un-edited. Bob Price talks with Martha Manikas-Foster about the parents' response.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site (Buffalo, NY)

06.24.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

In 1901 Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated as president of the United States---not in Washington, DC, but in a private home in Buffalo, NY. After taking that oath of office in this home on Delaware Avenue, Roosevelt would go on to change the role of the American presidency.

FLN News / Carrying the Cross

06.23.09 | Bob Price

Meet the man whose walked the globe witnessing to world leaders with a cross on his back. Arthur Blessit is in the Guiness book of World records for going on the world's longest walk. He's logged over 38-thousand miles the past 38 years, and has witnessed to prominent leaders.

FLN News / Father's Day

06.19.09 | Sarah Harnisch

FLN's Sarah Harnisch has a way for you to celebrate Father's Day, promote adoption, and satisfy a sweet tooth all at the same time.

FLN News / Teens and Sleep

06.18.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Are your kids getting enough sleep? FLN's Bob Price talks with Martha Manikas-Foster about a new health study that suggests too few z's could leave your child at risk for depression.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Wooly Willy Wonderdaze (Smethport, PA)

06.17.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Smethport, PA will be celebrating the iconic Wooly Willy magnetic drawing toy with the Wooly Willy Wonderdaze festival June 18-21, 2009. Around 75 million units of the magnetic drawing set have been sold since Wooly Willy was developed in Smethport in 1955.

FLN News / The Pros and Cons of Healthcare Reform

06.16.09 | Bob Price

Will the healthcare reform bill being debated in Congress right now do more harm than good? Analysts weigh in.