FL News Podcasts

FL News: Waiting for the Wounded

05.04.11 | Ed Thomas

As Americans get more details of the pinpoint military operation that invaded a secret compound where Osama bin Laden was eradicated, it's also serving as a reminder of the sacrifice made by dedicated service members.

Inside Out 76: Death Penalty

05.04.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How do we decide if the death penalty is just? Join Martha for this Inside Out discussion of Scripture, justice and mercy with Dr. James W. Skillen, the former director of the Center for Public Justice.

FL News: What's in Your Drinking Water?

05.03.11 | Bob Price

This past weekend, several local communities hosted drug-drop off events to keep people from flushing their unused or expired medicine down the toilet.

Inside Out 75: Trophy of Grace

05.03.11 | Kurt Goff

As hard as Iris Blue ran, she couldn't outrun Jesus. Pursuing her every step of the way, in and out of prison, on the streets as a prostitute, in the middle of heroin highs and various robberies, was her Lord. Kurt Goff has her inspiring story.

FL News: Should Christians Celebrate the Death of Bin Laden?

05.02.11 | Bob Price

Should Christians celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden? We talked about it with evangelist and author Tom Allen.

Inside Out 74: Hope for Healing

05.02.11 | Kurt Goff

Are you hurting today? Do you need the healing touch of God for past hurts? Cyndy Sherwood from his Healing Light Ministries shares her inspiring story of how God healed her and how He wants to heal you too!