FL News Podcasts

Inside Out 87: In Light of Eternity

05.20.11 | Kurt Goff

He lived in light of eternity-you either loved him or hated him. But his impact for Christ was undeniable. Learn more about preacher Leonard Ravenhill as Kurt Goff talks one-on-one with his biographer. Warning-You'll be challenged to be bold for Christ!

TLI: 2011 School Board and Budget Voting

05.19.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Ralph Kerr discusses the outcomes of the statewide school board elections and the local school budget votes.

Inside Out 86: The Prosperity Gospel

05.19.11 | Kurt Goff

The desire for a thriving, healthy, and productive life is as strong as ever, especially in tough economic times. As people become more disillusioned at the state of the economy, they also become more susceptible to the lure of the prosperity gospel and its teachings of health, wealth, and ...

FL News: Technology's Health Connection

05.18.11 | Ed Thomas

Experts are now saying that portable wellness devices smaller than a cellphone, with electronic connections to your health care providers to boot, will soon be available on a large scale. Family Life speaks with a health care professional about some of these devices.

Inside Out 85: The Art of Dying

05.18.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We will all someday die. Facing this can help us live with more hope and more joy, and may motivate us to care for others as they make their transition to the life to come. Join us for this conversation with award-winning journalist Rob Moll, author of The Art of Dying.

FL News: Presidential Politics

Presidential Politics with Family Life News political director, Dr. Steven Coleman.

Inside Out 84: Narnia & Beyond

05.17.11 | Kurt Goff

Co-founder of Walden Media Michael Flaherty spends some time with Kurt Goff. It's a discussion filled with details on the Narnia films, the power of the media in spreading the gospel, and Michael's own faith journey.

FL News: A Fracking Forum

05.16.11 | Bob Price

There's a public forum this Thursday night from 7-to-9 at Corning West High school that features homeowners affected by hydro-fracking. Cornell University researcher, Dr. Tony Ingraffea will be there. Family Life's Bob Price asked him, why do emotions run so high on this issue?

Inside Out 83: Finding God's Will

05.16.11 | Kurt Goff

Sometimes God's plan seems elusive---but maybe we need to shift our perspective. Examining God's encounter with Moses at the burning bush, Gregg Matte shares with Kurt Goff a powerful thought--maybe we need to see God's will not as an event, but as a process to be lived.

Inside Out 82: The Way I Was Made

05.13.11 | Kurt Goff

You were made for more than this world sells. All that this world has to offer is temporary. We were created to shine the spotlight on God—to spread His fame everywhere we go! Worship leader Chris Tomlin shares his heart with Kurt Goff.