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FL News: Should Good Friday be a National Holiday?

04.12.11 | Bob Price

Sharon Jones, a British ex-patriot who now lives in Brooklyn, will lead a rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on April 22. She explains why "this day" deserves more attention in our culture.

Inside Out 60: The Obedience Option

04.12.11 | Kurt Goff

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing things you know you shouldn't? Does life sometimes feel like one constant battle between what you know you should do and what you actually end up doing?

FL News: How Fresh Breath Reduces Ear Infections

04.11.11 | Bob Price

Dr. Harold Katz is a dentist and bacteriologist. He explains how proper oral hygiene can reduce your child's risk of developing an infection.

Inside Out 59: The Next Story

04.11.11 | Kurt Goff

When it comes to living in a digital world, do Christians need to have a theology of technology? What are the implications for our faith as we navigate rapidly changing times?

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FL News: Is Nuclear Power Safe?

04.06.11 | Bob Price

The nuclear crisis in Japan has many wondering whether our nuclear facilities are safe. Darren Gale is a nuclear scientist and spokesperson for "Clean Energy America." He is confident the nuclear industry is the safest way to get energy.

FL News: Japan - A Month Later

04.05.11 | Bob Price

A month after the earthquake and tsunami, how are the people of Japan doing? Dr. Neil Anderson with the Sowers Ministry has an update. His organization has been helping spread Christianity in Japan for two decades.

FL News: A Community Comes Together

04.04.11 | Bob Price

Out of a tragic fire, a community has galvanized.