FL News Podcasts

TLI: Controlling Superintendent Salaries

03.10.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr discusses the issue of salaries for school superintendents; how they've risen to present levels and what can be done to maintain good administrators while containing costs.

FL News: Fight for Life and Speech in NYC

03.09.11 | Ed Thomas

A February billboard controversy in NY City drew attention to an ongoing battle for the life of the unborn that's been growing there. Family Life News reports on the latest strike and counterstrike of those competing for the right to express their views on the issue.

Inside Out 58: The Rob Bell Controversy

03.08.11 | Kurt Goff

The controversy over popular pastor Rob Bell's new book continues. Because of this, the release date has been moved up to March 13th. Blogger Justin Taylor created a firestorm with a blog post commenting on the book trailer, the publisher's blurb, and the implications. Has Rob Bell implied hell ...

FL News: Taking a Financial Fitness Test

03.07.11 | Ed Thomas

A financial experts says Americans should be working toward financial fitness that would cover any turn in the economy, and apply for every stage of life.

Inside Out 57: Making the Great Outdoors Even Greater

03.04.11 | Kurt Goff

If Jesus often chose to retreat with his disciples in the outdoors, shouldn't we follow his lead every now and then? Encountering God through wilderness adventures can be an awesome experience. Ashley Denton from The Wilderness Ministry Institute shares some thoughts with Kurt Goff.

TLI: What to Do About School Budget Shortfalls

03.03.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the problems of budget shortfalls and how local school boards must exercise responsibility for controlling costs especially in light of collective bargaining and state/federal budget cutbacks.