FL News Podcasts

TLI: The NY State Budget Is Set

03.31.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the New York state budget, which was agreed to over the weekend by the Governor and Legislature. They look at its impact on local school district spending and budgets.

FL News: Citizen Restoration of New York

03.30.11 | Ed Thomas

Each year in the nation's capitol, a gathering at the legislative office building helps set the stage to educate pro-family New Yorkers who wish to know what public policy issues will likely affect their families, and the state's economy, in the coming year.

FL News: The Arab Uprising and the End Times

03.29.11 | Bob Price

Prophecy Today host Jimmy DeYoung provides analysis on the uncertainty in the Middle East.

TLI: Are Teacher Salaries High Enough?

03.24.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss a recent New York Times editorial that proposes teachers aren't being paid enough. They discuss the history of teacher's unions and the current debate on performance vs. seniority.

FL News: Next Generation Faith

03.23.11 | Ed Thomas

What would a comprehensive survey of the most prominent youth demographic in the U.S. culture reveal about beliefs and lifestyles relative to a biblical worldview in 2011?

FL News: A Christian Approach to Domestic Violence

03.21.11 | Bob Price

Take a look into a domestic violence workshop with a faith-based perspective.

TLI: Stop the Spending Now!

03.17.11 | Cecil Van Houten

While everyone from the President and Education Secretary to local school districts say we should spend more, Dr. Kerr contends the time to bring spending under control is now.

FL News: Age of Fire? 40.

03.16.11 | Ed Thomas

Whether by involuntary layoff or a bold choice, many Americans find themselves in a position of redefining their identity and often their vocation at middle age.

FL News: One on One with Mike Huckabee

03.15.11 | Bob Price

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talks exclusively with Family Life News about his future political aspirations and the current events in the news today.

FL News: Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

03.14.11 | Bob Price

For centuries, scholars have debated that question. Family Life News speaks with Messiah College History professor John Fea, who wrote a book under that very title.