FL News Podcasts

Inside Out 46: The Life Book

02.04.11 | Kurt Goff

Working through local churches, The Life Book Movement provides free copies of The Life Book to Christian students to give to classmates during school.

TLI: NY State's Proposed Budget

02.03.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the Governor’s proposed state budget for New York, the property tax cap legislation and the implications they will have on public education in the state.

FL News: Bills, Blues and Budgets

02.02.11 | Ed Thomas

Family Life News speaks with budget counselor Gail Cunningham to share tips on spending plans and getting a handle on debt, at the start of the year.

FL News: Teen Role Models

02.01.11 | Bob Price

Kurt Goff and Bob Price take a closer look at a new Barna Research Group study about teen role models. Who are they? Are parents mentioned? What about other older Christians? How can we impact our teens in a powerful, realistic way?