FL News Podcasts

FL News: Making the Best of Airline Travel

12.29.10 | Ed Thomas

The innovations that airlines are making available to speed up air travel are some of the few bright spots that the industry can point to in the midst of tough economic times and rising customer dissatisfaction with performance.

Inside Out 36: Marketplace Ministry - Entertainment

12.28.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Actor Muse Watson believes that faith makes a difference in the workplace---it just happens that his workplace is a sound stage. Listen to this veteran stage, screen and television actor as he and Martha discuss faith, work, and Watson’s current projects: A Christmas Snow and The Lamp.

FL News: Is Your TV Safe or Obscene?

12.28.10 | Ed Thomas

Family Life speaks with Parents Television Council Public Policy Director Dan Isett, to get an update on where the legal cases stand that will determine rules on broadcast decency and affect family TV viewing in the future.

FL News: Chronic Pain of the Soul

12.27.10 | Ed Thomas

A recent AARP study reveals that most of the baby boomer generation tussles greatly with loneliness: not just at the holidays, but throughout the year. We talks with some experts that help us to understand the phenomenon better, and what you can do about it.

Inside Out 35: Wrestling With God

12.27.10 | Kurt Goff

Using personal experience and biblical examples, well-known pastor Greg Laurie illustrates how prayer works in different people's lives. Through these examples, we discover how heartfelt prayer and willing submission can bring us into our own unique, rewarding relationship with God.

FL News: Overcoming Holiday Depression

12.22.10 | Ed Thomas

While the holiday season can bring thoughts of family and friendship and good memories, it can also present special challenges for those who live with depression, or even seasonal blues that only come on during the holidays.

Inside Out 34: Salvation Army's Red Kettles

12.22.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The Salvation Army is more than a social service agency: it’s a church that on the local level provides meals and food and summer camp programs, mostly from the money tossed into the red kettles at Christmas. Captain Rodney Fowles of Hornell, NY joins Martha Manikas-Foster for this edition of ...

FL News: What Was Life Like When Jesus Was Born?

12.21.10 | Bob Price

What was life really like when Jesus arrived on the earth to begin his search and rescue mission? Why did he appear then and not now? Kurt Goff joins the Noon Report to talk about a new documentary which adds some historical context to the Christmas story.

FL News: Enthusiasts Say Hunting Isn't Dead

12.20.10 | Ed Thomas

Is the future of hunting uncertain to the point of worry for outdoor sport and wildlife experts? It depends on who you ask. As Family Life's Ed Thomas reports, the quantitative number of participants is down ..but those in the amateur and professional ranks are both doing plenty to provide ...

Inside Out 33: Christmas Hits, Behind The Music

12.20.10 | Kurt Goff

You know these Christmas songs by heart. But do you know the stories behind them - who wrote them, and why? Ace Collins spent some time with Kurt Goff to share some surprising details behind the greatest hits of Christmas.