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Inside Out 227: Occupy Movements

11.30.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Where is God’s church in the conversation started by the Occupy Wall Street protesters? Join our discussion with Tobin Grant, author, political science professor, and contributor to Christianity Today.

FL News: Christmas Decorating Safety Tips

11.29.11 | Bob Price

A local fire official says there are hazards associated with decorating for the holidays, and they mostly involve your tree.

FL News: How Syracuse and Penn State Recover

11.29.11 | Bob Price

A Syracuse University pop culture professor talks to us about how the scandals engulfing PSU and Syracuse will affect the reputation and recovery of these institutions.

FL News: Major Ruling on Homosexual Marriage in NY

11.29.11 | Bob Price

A judge in Livingston County says a conservative groups' challenge to the gay marriage law deserves it's day in court.

FL News: Tackling America's Debt Problem

11.29.11 | Bob Price

Republican Senate Candidate Sam Rohrer of Pennsylvania talks to us about his plan to attack the debt crisis that is crushing our economy.

Inside Out 226: Child Soldiers

11.23.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

There’s encouraging news in the fight against the Central African guerrilla group that has been kidnapping children and training them as soldiers. Our guest is Lauren Bailey, Movement Coordinator for the non-profit group Invisible Children, Inc.

Buffalo Pastor lives Homeless for a Week

11.21.11 | Bob Price

A Buffalo Pastor is living homeless all this week to raise awareness about poverty and to collect Christmas presents for children in need in the Queen City.

A New Way to Fight Cancer

11.21.11 | Bob Price

There's exciting new treatment options for people battling cancer and the survival rate is up because of it.

TLI: Teachers Aren't Underpaid After All

11.17.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the myth that public school teachers are underpaid. While that may have been true in the past, today's teacher ranks higher than their private sector counterparts in terms of salary, fringe benefits and job security.

The Long Road Back: PSU continues to heal

11.15.11 | Bob Price

As PSU continues it's long road to recovery, Family Life News investigates why individuals abuse and why institutions try to cover it up?