FL News Podcasts

FL News: Combatting the High Cost of College

10.28.11 | Bob Price

Paul Celluch with College Assistance Plus in Honeoye Falls talks about why college is so expensive and why it's such a bad idea for the IRS to oversee the federal student loan industry starting in 2014.

The Death of Journalism - Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

10.28.11 | Bob Price

Nothing maddens me like lazy journalism. You see, I can take the biased reporting…bias is unavoidable. It’s lazy reporting I have no tolerance for. Take for example, the Wall Street Occupation movement. According to the Media Research Center, 93 percent of the reporting from the major ...

TLI: Looking for a Teaching Job?

10.27.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the new Money magazine report indicating that there will be over 2 million jobs for teachers in the next few years. Find out what areas of study and areas of the country are the hottest.

Inside Out 223: Prayer and Singles

10.26.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Author and blogger Anna Broadway talks with Martha about prayer and singleness. She's the author of the her.meneutics blog post “Why I No Longer Pray for a Husband” and the 2008 book Sexless in the City.

FL News: Soldier Photography

10.21.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Turning misfortune into fortune.... A photographer in Smithboro is doing free 1-hour photo sessions for soldiers right in the heart of the area of New York devastated by Tropical Storm Lee. Valerie Cartwright's story is even more spectacular when you consider that she is also a flood victim. She ...

FL News: The Death of Moammar Ghadaffi

10.20.11 | Bob Price

Bible Scholars are reacting to the death of Col. Ghadaffi and what this means to the broader Middle-East.

TLI: Negotiating with the Teacher's Union

10.20.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss recent negotiations between one of the largest unions in NYS and what the implications are for future negotiations with the teacher's unions.

Inside Out 222: Urban Ministry

10.19.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Jesus calls His people to the inner city, according to Dr. Charles Massey, Buffalo resident, Houghton College professor, coordinator of the college’s Office of Urban Connections, and our guest on Inside Out.

FL News: A Missionary Couple to Africa

10.17.11 | Bob Price

Family Life's Bob Price is spotlighting missions. He's talking to a missionary couple that is going to Africa to reach a people group in one of the most unique nations on the planet.

Inside Out 221: Women At Risk

10.12.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Guest Rebecca McDonald is the founder of Women At Risk International, which fights abuse and human trafficking through 45 facilities that provide prevention education, skills training and safe havens around the world.