FL News Podcasts

FL News / Governing Angry

10.18.10 | Ed Thomas

How far can anger succeed as a strategy to govern?

Inside Out 8: The Devil in Pew Number 7

10.18.10 | Kurt Goff

The story of a pastor and his family who were terrorized by a member of their small church in North Carolina. One member of the family was murdered... others injured. This real life tragedy is all about living out extreme forgiveness.

FL News / Voter Guides: Part II

10.12.10 | Ed Thomas

Hear how some churches use voter guides as the practical side of a spiritual mission to change government through action and prayer.

FL News / Voter Guides: Harm or Help?

10.11.10 | Ed Thomas

A look at how the impact guides have been positive -- and sometimes controversial -- within the church.

Inside Out 7: The Pastor's Coach

10.11.10 | Kurt Goff

A conversation with Dan Reiland, also known as "The Pastor's Coach". He'll be the main speaker at the Family Life Pastor's Conference on October 28.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Salt & Light - Part II

10.07.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the upcoming Salt & Light Workshop to be held at the Family Life Center in Bath, NY, Saturday, October 23 at 9 am. This special half-day workshop equips parents, students, teachers, administrators and coaches about their rights as Christians in the public schools.

Inside Out 6: Chuck Swindoll - Preach The Word

10.07.10 | Kurt Goff

How can it be that Christians know less about the Bible and church history than atheists and agnostics?

FL News / The Line of Free Speech

10.06.10 | Bob Price

The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up a controversial free speech case today. Does a hate group have the right to protest at the funerals of American soldiers? Matt Barber with the Liberty Council, a law firm dedicated to upholding religious freedoms, says a lot is riding on this case.

FL News / Reduce Your Risk of Falling at Home

10.04.10 | Bob Price

It's an emerging health threat for seniors that not many people think about.

Inside Out 5: Dealing With Jealousy

10.03.10 | Kurt Goff

Have you ever been jealous of anyone?