FL News Podcasts

Inside Out 45: The Spirit of Food

01.31.11 | Kurt Goff

Do you realize food can be spiritual? Check out the Bible. From beginning to end food plays a huge role. Leslie Leyland Fields offers a feast of thoughts that will provide some real nutrition for your soul.

Inside Out 44: Discipleship 2-1-2

01.28.11 | Kurt Goff

Jesus himself said we need to go and make disciples. So how are we doing with that? Stuart Migdon shares his winsome 2-1-2 Program with Kurt Goff.

TLI: TLI Webinar

01.27.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the upcoming TLI Webinar, designed to bring together Christians who serve on school boards across New York and Pennsylvania. Listeners are invited to share information with people they know who may be interested in attending.

FL News: Undocumented - The Bible and the Law

01.26.11 | Ed Thomas

How do churches and Christians across the country differ on what their roles should be toward those who may be undocumented immigrants?

FL News: The "New" Atheism

01.25.11 | Bob Price

It's a buzz phrase: the new atheism. Does this belief system have any more chops than the old version? Kurt Goff joins Bob Price to put a frame around the issue and how we can respond as Christ followers. Features comments from Christopher Hitchens, Lee Strobel,& Drew Dyck from Christianity ...

FL News: The Church and the Law

01.24.11 | Ed Thomas

Part 1 of an immigration attorney's conversation with Family Life about the ins and outs of federal law as it affects volunteers and employees in the church.

Inside Out 43: Hope for Men Who Have Been Abused

01.24.11 | Kurt Goff

(Note: Mature subject matter) 1 in 6 men have experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before the age of 16. Author Cecil Murphey is one of them. God has given him a ministry to hurting men and the women who love them. There is hope for healing and forgiveness in Christ.

Inside Out 42: King of the Jews

01.21.11 | Kurt Goff

More and more Jewish folks are embracing Jesus as their Messiah. It's an exciting time! Evangelist Jeffrey D. Miller joins Kurt Goff to highlight some encouraging and important insights.

TLI: Schools Brace for Financial Challenges

01.20.11 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss the impact of tax caps and aid reductions on public schools as we start a new year.

FL News: Personal Project, Public Presence

01.19.11 | Ed Thomas

Family Life's Ed Thomas has the story of a high school student in Steuben County, New York... who's choosing to use a school assignment, to both touch the hearts and souls of fellow students, while raising support for a humanitarian aid group.