The Easter Story, by Sammy

Beyond bunnies and baskets, Easter is about the greatest gift ever.  Rachelle's son, Sammy, sweetly tells how Jesus came to be crucified and victoriously rose from the tomb!  Little brother, Caleb, contributes the song at the end.


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on 04.03.12 Marcia Bauchle commented

Thank you, Sammy for telling the story. Thanks for putting this on the facebook page. Out of the mouth of babes, you have ordained praise. Psalm 8:2

on 04.03.12 Sue Conner commented

I heard this on the radio this morning and tears welled up in my eyes. The innocence in little Sammy's voice telling the magnificent Easter Story. Absolutely beautiful.

on 04.03.12 Dee Eddleman commented

Oh my word! That was precious!! Best story I have ever heard

on 04.03.12 Kay McDonald commented

If one of God's little precious ones telling the Easter story like Sammy did doesn't bring tears to your eyes, I don not know what will. Sammy, you have pleased Jesus more than you can know with your telling of His story and your song.

Bless you little one.

on 04.03.12 Tina commented

I was getting ready to walk out the door this morning when I was stopped in my tracks as I listened to little Sammy. Tears flowed down my face as I listened. God bless you Sammy. Rachelle, my heart leaps when I hear him with you. You are raising him the way so many of your listeners, including myself, wished they would have raised their children. I am telling all of my friends who live out of state the website to listen. Thank you for sharing.

on 04.03.12 Patty Matteson commented

So sweet! I love the dialogue between Mom and son. Priceless. AND....he says the "big" names better than most adults. Good for you, Sammy.

on 04.03.12 Miranda Lananger commented

I heard this on the radio this morning and thought that it was the sweetest thing that I ever heard. That made my day.

May God Bless You All This Easter Season!

on 04.03.12 Kelly Mathews commented

This is so sweet! Sammy, thank you for sharing the true meaning of Easter with all of us. This was so touching and beautiful to hear. Happy Easter!!

on 04.03.12 Dan Reside commented

Sounds great Rev. Sam. I pray that more will hear what you said, and it will change their lives. Keep listening to your parents,and they will listen to you. It won't be long until we will hear a double team. (Sammy and Caleb. Love ya all, Duncle Dan

on 04.04.12 debra wilson commented

Thank you Sammy, you told the Easter story so beautifully. Every time I hear it my heart feels so happy. God Bless and Happy Easter!!

on 04.04.12 Carol Harder commented

This story is the very foundation of our faith. Thank you Sammy for reminding us why Jesus came to earth.

on 04.05.12 Karen Hotchkiss commented

Thank you Sammy and Rachelle for the timely reminder of the true meaning of Easter. I was so touched to hear that innocent re-telling. Thank you so much for being obedient to God and touching my heart so tangibly.

on 04.05.12 Patti commented

Oh my gosh, this was so sweet it made me cry on my way into work this morning.

on 04.05.12 Joyce Gifford commented

Just wonderful. A little child shall lead them. Thank you for putting this on.

on 04.05.12 Debra Mojica commented

Sammy, thank you for telling the Easter story so well! I never tire of hearing your voice! You are a great story-teller!

on 04.05.12 Chelsea Hover commented

Oh my goodness you are the sweetest little thing <3 I am going to share your story with my hubby so he can hear it from someone other than me haha and of course cuter! Absolutely adorable :) this just made my day!

on 04.06.12 Marsha Meeker commented

That was one of the sweetest Easter stories I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing with all of us. God Bless you, just another reason why I love this station.

on 04.06.12 mckenzie commented

Happy easter to you to little guy!!

on 04.06.12 Ron Zampi commented

All I can say is, "And a Child shall lead them!"

on 04.06.12 Kim Litz commented

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

on 04.07.12 Donna commented

Sammy I can't tell you how many times I have listened
To you and the story of Jesus I have wept every
Time! Thank you so much for sharing the true reason
For Easter Sammy, I hope and pray we get to hear more
Jesus stories from you surely it is indeed what the world
Needs. Truly your all blessings from God. Happy

on 04.07.12 Marissa commented

Thank you all who helped with this espically Sammy this helped share the Easter story to a little girl who lost her father. With this being a tough subject she didn't know how to explain it all so this was a great help :) God bless.

on 04.19.12 Vernette commented


on 03.29.13 Nicole commented

Was on my way to work and hearing this story from Sammy and the song at the end , MADE MY DAY!! Actually it made my Easter! Thanks...LOVED IT!!!!