Simple Nutrition: The Simple Joe - Why Eat Better?

03.24.14 | Sarah Harnisch

In today's Simple Nutrition feature: Why put the effort in to eat better?

Joe the listener writes this: "Discovered your new program by accident Tuesday, (I usually do not hear the noon news report) and was surprised to find that it was enjoyable as well as educational. I may even read a label someday! Your passion for the topic and your enthusiasm for the program were both very evident, and I hope that I remember on Tuesday and am able to catch the next one. Gave me a thought or maybe even a challenge that I decided to toss your direction.

I am 54, single, and do not cook. There is little time to cook, I don't like to cook, and in all truth, don't have much skill to cook. If I am not having snack food, eating out of a box or pouch, I am sharpening my microwave skills in conjunction with the frozen food department of the local Wal-Mart. In addition, I have maintained for years that Twinkies should be classified as a major food group... Period!

Perhaps you two young ladies might one day target the group I represent and create an attack plan for our rescue. Construct some sort of path of redemption where we might turn from the Dark Side of the Food Force and step into the Light. Or something like that. Looking forward to future programs."

Morning News Anchor Sarah Harnisch and Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline take it step by step: how to make better food choices without feeling overwhelmed.

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on 03.25.14 Pat Dowhowr commented

Last week I heard a news report about breakfast cereal. Would it be possible to hear it again?

on 03.25.14 Sarah Harnisch commented

You sure can Pat! Here's a link-- just paste it right into your browser. It is online forever! Thank you so much for listening!

on 03.25.14 Donna commented

You could look for recommendations and nutrition education from a Registered Dietitian