Simple Nutrition: The Safe Kitchen

04.15.14 | Sarah Harnisch

Are there things that are harmful in your own kitchen? What are the safest pots and pans to use? What does teflon coating do to your body? What about aluminum or plastic containers? Family Life Morning News Anchor Sarah Harnisch and Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline discuss it.

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Additional Resources:

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Sarah and Brandee's suggestions for good cooking pans:
Anything that is stainless steel or cast iron
Anything that is ceramic coated, like this.

Purchase food in glass or cardboard containers if you can avoid plastic.
And when storing at home, go for glass-- like Pyrex, over plastic containers.

Also, we recommend putting a layer of parchment paper down before using aluminum foil, or avoiding it altogether.


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on 04.15.14 mb commented

oh my... so I think I am doing well getting the plastic with no more BPA... oh dear... great information!!! Parchment paper to protect from aluminum foil.. I have been switching to glass
containers and cast iron. I still like the nonstick for somethings.. However.... I agree.. its time to move on!!!

on 04.15.14 Patrice DuVall commented

I have a question. What do you do about drinking water? Currently we buy our water in the plastic water bottles. We do not want to drink tap water because of the floride. Our water from the refrigerater is piped into our refrigerator through plastic pipes then runs through a filter.
What is the solution?

on 04.21.14 diana carmichael commented

up above it says one good option for cooking pans is stainless steel, yet in your article it says to stay away from stainless steel because of the aluminum. which is it? also, we have tap water that has clorine etc. in it. we bought filters for the tap water and was wondering if you think they work well. thank you very much for all this information. God Bless,
Diana Carmichael

on 04.21.14 diana carmichael commented

one more thing I forgot to ask. is the bpa free plastic ok to store food in? thank you. God Bless, Diana Carmichael

on 05.29.14 Sarah Harnisch commented

Hi guys! I am sorry it took a while to respond!

MB: great job!!! It's so hard to change lots of cookware!

Patrice: We did an entire feature on drinking water. You can find it by clicking on the "Simple Nutrition" button on the upper left of this page, then scrolling to the drinking water podcast. There are some things we can't change-- like plastic pipes, unfortunately. But a good filter will take care of the worst offenders.

Diana: Stainless steel pans are different from aluminum pans. Generally, they don't have aluminum in them. Stainless steel is safe. I'd stay away from aluminum pans. As for your water, we have a feature on drinking water-- you can find it by clicking on the Simple Nutrition button to the upper left of this page. BPA plastic has other dangerous chemicals in it-- store in glass whenever possible. Thank you for listening-- and thank you for your precious encouragement!