Simple Nutrition: Organic Gardening

04.01.14 | Sarah Harnisch

In today's Simple Nutrition, Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline and Morning News Anchor Sarah Harnisch take on gardening. What are the health benefits? Is home gardened food worth the effort? Are there more nutrients? Is there a simple way to garden-- without the time-consuming weeding? This week's episode: the organic garden.

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Additional Resources:

This is the University of Texas study on the amount of nutrients in food.

Buy the Small Square Gardening book here.

These are Sarah and Brandee's Favorite Seed Companies:
    High Mowing Seeds

    Seeds of Change

    Sustainable Seed Company


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on 04.01.14 B.J. Hice commented

You mentioned the 'soil' being so good, what kind of soil would that be??? I know you can find 'organic, or gardening soil' at the garden shoppes, in large plastic bags. But is that the 'good garden soil I want'?? last year I bought a bag, used it for hanging flower containers, 3/4 into the bag I thot, o my what is that?? sure did look like a 'disposal diaper'. maybe yes, maybe not, could not quite recognize what!! thank you B.J.