Simple Nutrition: Good Fat

01.28.14 | Sarah Harnisch

Morning News Anchor Sarah Harnisch and Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline discuss how fat impacts the body, how to cook with fat, where to buy good fats, and how to incorporate into your diet.


Additional sources for information on this subject:

Good fats versus bad fats

Framingham Heart Study

A simple explanation "why" some fats are good and some are bad

A list of good and bad fats

Which fats to cook with (Note: do NOT use Canola, but the rest of this article is great)

Where to buy good fats:
   Coconut oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be cold-pressed (so it's not oxidized.) You can buy that at most grocery stores.

If you're looking to use fats to help you loose weight, there's a great book called "Eat Fat Loose Fat" by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.


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on 01.28.14 Kathy commented

It is good to hear your voice Sarah! My thoughts...Regarding the tests/research done in the 50"s--it was what it was for that time period--good or bad and those who did the research thought they were helping define healthy foods. I believe Scientific research has certainly evolved/changed in the last 35 yrs...deeper thought processes in research, lab experiments/equipment-- potential to change those earlier results. For me the bottom line with food is moderation--everything in moderation--fats, sugars and the rest. The "water before a meal" is something that I've never done--as a matter a fact I drink very little when I eat. Very interesting subject as I've been one to struggle with high cholesterol, high carbs and the possibility of diabetes. My diet has changed considerably from my youth to today. I use some olive oil, but try to stay away from all of it. I use chicken broth/fat for homemade chicken noodle soup...I use very little butter b/c I'm too cheap to buy the good stuff, but that may change. My biggie is carbs--I watch carefully, but still eat some. If I could restructure the look of the food pyramid the fruits and vegetables would be on top w/the dairy/meat group in the middle and breads/pasta last.

on 01.28.14 Elyse commented

Yes! Yes! Yes! So wonderful to hear the truth about the REAL healthy fats. My husband & I attended the Weston A Price conference in Atlanta, GA in Nov. Altho' Price did his work a more than a generation ago, studies published in his book, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", are being confirmed with numerous studies done today. A good book is "Nourishing Traditions". Hoping to hear more like this! Blessings to you all.

on 01.28.14 Melissa commented

Dear Sarah,
Good afternoon, I first would like to say, I really enjoy your new segment. Nutrition is very important to me. We eat only whole foods. I tell my family, If the LORD didn't make it , We don't eat it. I am always learning. Fats are a struggle for me to understand. Why is Canola Oil a bad deal. I was just was wondering, because I usually cook with it. I went to canola because I try to avoid anything with corn or soy. (GMO's) Thank You for your time. God Bless and Good Luck with your knew segment.. :)I will be looking forward to next Tuesday...

on 01.28.14 Kimarie commented

Fantastic episode Sarah and Brandee!!

on 01.28.14 Dawn commented

You are both doing a great job on this segment Sarah!

on 01.28.14 Sharon commented

Lots of info! I listened to it twice! Great job Sarah Harnisch!

on 01.28.14 Brenda commented

Caught the interview on the radio today. Some good info here. Thx!

on 01.28.14 Anna commented

This is good stuff. In my family we drink 4% raw milk, and eat more butter, ice cream, and cheese than anyone I know, and none of us are overweight or have cholesterol problems. I always get annoyed about the school milk programs where they want kids to drink low fat milk. That stuff tastes terrible, and kids end up hating it, and then they go and drink soda at home.

on 01.29.14 Trina commented

It was perfection.