Simple Nutrition: Flu 101

02.04.14 | Sarah Harnisch

Morning news anchor Sarah Harnisch and Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline tackle the flu this week. They have tips for what to do to boost your immunity, and what to do if you wake up sick.


These are some links on how to naturally avoid the flu.

Article 1: Dr. Joseph Mercola: How To Treat The Cold or Flu

Article 2: Dr. Joseph Mercola: How to Supercharge You Immune System

Article 3: Natural News

If you'd like to get more natural health tips, join Brandee's Facebook group, Clean Living Coach.


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on 02.04.14 Jennifer Arbach commented

I was very pleased to hear Brandee discuss eating nutritionally dense foods including whole milk. Recent research tells us that eating the right fats are actually good for you, are heart healthy and can help you maintain proper weight. For too long, our society has been told to eat "low-fat" foods which are unfortunately laden with sugar and salt to make up for the loss in flavor when the fat was removed. Her admonition to eat single ingredient foods is so important and is the way back to a stronger immune system and better overall health. Great show! I hope a lot of folks will heed her advice.

on 02.04.14 Steve Davis commented

I was on my way to leave the same positive feedback that Jennifer mentioned above. Thank you for putting sensible, accessible health information out there. My wife and I have been students of natural means for many years. You just reached far more people than we ever could by personal contact. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

on 02.04.14 Gina Michel commented

Really love your show. Keep 'em comin'!

on 02.07.14 Bernice commented

Very good information!

on 02.07.14 Dawn commented

It was great!

on 02.07.14 Patty commented

wanted to let you know... I got my granddaughter (5) thru the flu this past week along with ear infection using natural homeopathic ways... * whoop whoop*

on 02.07.14 Kimarie commented

Great stuff!

on 02.07.14 Melissa commented

Great job!

on 02.07.14 Char commented

You sounded great!

on 02.07.14 Sheryl commented

A lot of info in a short time. How do you squeeze it all in?

on 02.11.14 Candace commented

Good one! Very good!!!!

on 02.11.14 Michelle commented

I heard the clip about the next one. Wow. Looking forward to it.

on 02.11.14 Charles commented

I just get a flu shot and hope for the best. Flu shot and icecream.