Simple Nutrition: Caffeine

04.08.14 | Sarah Harnisch

Family Life morning news anchor Sarah Harnisch and Certified Natural Health Professional Brandee Gorsline take on caffeine this week. What does it do long-term to your body? How does it affect children? What do Monster and 5-hour energy drinks do to the body? What are ways to cut back on caffeinated coffee? Listen to find out!

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on 04.22.14 Anissa commented

Thanks for this feature, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regarding caffeine, doesn't coffee go through a chemical process to make it decaf? So that wouldn't make it any better an alternative right?

Perry, NY

on 05.29.14 Brandee commented

Anissa, you're right, the chemical decaffeination process leaves us with toxic coffee! There are many brands of organic coffee that are decaffeinated by a Swiss Water Process which uses no chemicals. I personally enjoy a good cup of decaf french roast from time to time and I purchase the organic, swiss water processed coffee from Green Mountain, Newman's or Swanson's brand online (there are others, but these are the ones I have purchased). I avoid chemically decaffeinated coffees!

Brandee Gorsline