Pastor Chat: "User Friendly Churches"

03.19.12 | Jay LaScolea

pc-user-friendly - Pastor Chat: User Friendly Churches

Is the American church reaching the Post-Modern generation? Our guest on "Pastor Chat" is Jim Ellis from Bentley Creek Baptist Church in Ridgebury Township, PA. After listening to the podcast, join in on the discussion below.


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on 03.19.12 Jeff Weld commented

The only thing the Church needs to change is it needs to give the people the truth, Pastors don't preach what sin is. Gods word doesn't need any help, just give it to the people the way God gave it to us!! Ever since the churches started to cater to the people instead of preaching the truth, membership has stadily been declining for all the major denominations. Hmmm mabe there is a conection here. There is sin! there IS black and white! Come judgement day this will become clear to so many people. If people don't know what sin is they can't be convicted and if they are not convicted they can not be saved!!
God Bless!