Pastor Chat: Signs of a Healthy Church

03.05.12 | Jay LaScolea

pastor chat lynn kent

Each week, Family Life discusses current events through the biblical worldview with an in-studio guest Pastor. This week we are looking at the signs of healthy churches. Our guest on "Pastor Chat" is Lynn Kent who is the Interim Pastor of Seneca Community Church in Romulus, NY. After listening to the podcast, join in on the discussion below.


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on 03.06.12 Bill Updike commented

As a member of Seneca Community Church, Lynn's ministry here with us has been healing and restoring. We thank God for sending us the right man to help us work through a very difficult season in the life of our Church!!!

on 03.13.12 Donna Lewis commented

Pastor Lynn Kent and his wife Lois are such a blessing to us at Seneca Community Church. They are just what we need at this time. We are very proud of him as an effective communicator (obvious by this broadcast)and people person. He has a servant's heart. He loves the Lord and it's seen by his mission and goals. --- The topic of a healthy church is very relevant. For years I wondered why more churches do not plan for conflict management...sending in a third party that was neutral as a mediator . So many Mole holes could be prevented from turning into Mountains this way. ---- Providing for an interim pastor is having this same kind of mature insight... that a church needs a leader and time between pastors to help look at themselves and make necessary changes. ---- It's the wisdom of the board of deacons to move our congregation in this direction. I am personally grateful for this decision. We are reaping lasting benefits.