Pastor Chat: Race Relations in the Church

02.20.12 | Jay LaScolea


Each week, Family Life discusses current events through the biblical worldview with an in-studio guest Pastor.  In honor of February being Black History Month, we take a look this week at the issue of race relations in the church. Our guest on "Pastor Chat" is Pastor Joe Covington from Friendship Baptist Church, a largely African-American congregation in Corning, New York.  After listening to the podcast, join in on the discussion below.


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on 02.20.12 Deborah Borrelli commented

I couldn't believe it! I turned FLN on today just at the end of this broadcast. I heard two voices talking and thought, 'That sounds like Pastor Joe!' And lo and behold! It was. I'm so glad I could click here and listen to the entire broadcast.
If you get a chance to hear Joe preach, please do. It's well worth the time. He is on fire for the Lord, as is his lovely wife Esther.
My husband Joe and I thank God for their friendship!