Pastor Chat: Marriage Matters

04.16.12 | Bob Price


Pastor Dave Bretch from Beartown Road Alliance Church in Painted Post, NY talks with Bob Price about the importance of marriage.  Join us for this week's discussion "Marriage Matters" and leave us your comments below.


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on 04.16.12 Misty commented

I want to say that Marriage does matter. In june I will have been married for 19 years. But about 14 years ago I fell apart. My husband picked up the slack that I left when I left reaity for awhile. When the medications made it even harder for me to function My husband pulled up his boot straps and kept the house running. I could not leave the house I would become scared and need to run home. I was physically ill do to my demons I was fighting. I am still fighting to get out and my husband never complains. He works full time and came home and took care of me and the kids full time. Now don't get me wrong I was a good mother but unable to do much else. I spent many a days just sitting and staring and if I want I was in a panic attack or fighting a flashback. Even Though My psychiatrist told him on numerous occasions to turn his phone off and leave me, He never did He never complained. I was listening to the conversation with Jonny and her husband. I was only able to here some but There interview left no doubt to what God did for them and I have more proof that God is chosen my path and That I am finally on the right path to get well. I have indisputable proof that God is taking care of my life and many others. My husband was sent to me by God to get me over such a rough patch in our married life. Once my husband chose to give the meds back and follow closer with God I find the strength to do more and I find the strength make it through my rough patches. When my doctor said I would never get better and I would have to be on the meds forever. He would not even consider backing the meds some to try it. We chose God and Even though I has been only a few months. I can do more, I actually leave the house more and am able to stay gone longer with out getting sick and flight. I am not saying It is all over and I will never have any bad days. But with God I know we will make it.

I wanted to brag my husband has gone through a lot to help me and he proves he will go the long hall every day

on 04.17.12 Dave commented

Misty, that is a great story of a husband's unconditional love. Very inspiring. God has blessed you with a godly husband. He seems to be putting on display Christ's love for the church. Thank you for sharing your story!