Pastor Chat: Culturalized Christianity

02.27.12 | Jay LaScolea


Each week, Family Life discusses current events through the Biblical worldview with an in-studio guest Pastor. This week we are looking at “Culturalized Christianity.” It's been said that in today's culture of modernism, Christianity is an afterthought, and the reality of God's amazing grace has been culturalized in America. Our guest on "Pastor Chat" is Pastor Dave Bretch from Beartown Road Alliance Church in Painted Post, NY. After listening to the podcast, join in on the discussion below.


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on 02.27.12 Karen Bretch commented

Hello! I'm Dave's mom!
Please tell him I thought he did a WONDErFUL job answering your questions!!!
God bless your radio station!
mrs. Bretch

on 02.28.12 Ms. Mary Lou Lanza commented

What a wonderful program to listen to. Pastor David did a great job. I wish I could be at his church in NY to listen to him. I strongly feel Christ is in all of us. Some people just have to realize it. We are all so Blessed to have a faith in Christ. I am a former teacher of David Bretch and I enjoyed hearing all of his comments, and yes God truly does love us.
Ms. Lanza

on 03.01.12 Karen Bretch commented

Is there any way that I can receive this interview in the form of an email? David's grandparents would love to hear it, but they are not on FACEBOOK etc.
Only Email.
Mrs. Bretch

on 03.14.12 Jay LaScolea commented


E-mail this web page link to David's grandparents and they will be able to listen to this podcast:

I hope that helps!