News: Stories of Survival

09.03.12 | Bob Price

    Hurricane Irene caused 56 deaths and caused 15.6 billion dollars in damage to New York and Pennsylvania, making it the 5th costliest hurricane in American history. Tropical Storm Lee, which struck 10 days later on September 7th, 2011, spawned 30 tornadoes and cost 1.6 billion dollars.

    New York and Pennsylvania were among the hardest hit. In a special Labor Day feature, the Family Life news team took a look at how both states are faring on the one year anniversary.

    The President of Davis College, Dino Pedrone, told Noon Report Anchor Bob Price how the community came together following the storm. He shares stories of heroism and selflessness. You can hear the interview here.

    Valerie Cartwright of Smithboro, New York was in her home with her two small children when Tropical Storm Lee roared through, and part of their roof caved in. She told Morning Anchor Sarah Harnisch the story of how they got back on their feet. You can hear her interview here.


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