News: Gun Control In New York

01.16.13 | Sarah Harnisch

What happens now? Stricter gun control laws are fully in effect in New York state. Every gun must be registered every 5 years, banned weapons within 1 year. You may keep banned guns, but they have to be registered. Weapons with military-style features are banned. You may only use 7 bullets at a time, even if your weapon can hold 10 or more.

What are the repercussions? Will parts of the law be repealed? 43rd District New York State Senator Kathleen Marchion spoke with our own Sarah Harnisch. She has started a petition to have parts of the law repealed, and said there are efforts underway to test the constitutionality of how the law was passed.

Sign the petition here.

To read more of the nitty-gritty on New York’s gun control law, go here.


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on 01.16.13 Scott Walker commented

Thank you Gov. Coumo; I have been a law abiding citizen my whole life, now due to no fault of my own I am a criminal, an outlaw, What ever happened that we the people have lost so much of our rights taken away by those put in office by us. Are they better than we are that we must be controlled and made into criminals because they want POWER. The vote has done us nothing but put criminals in office and given us a corrupt government. I am ashamed of my country and my government. We the people are no longer relevant to this nation, but are slaves with in.

on 01.17.13 Jenna Stroud commented

Gov. Cuomo, can you please decide if life is valuable or not? You want to "save us from ourselves" by taking guns out of our hands but you want to make it legal to kill children up until the 9th month in gestation....praying for you.