Neighborhoods in the Network / The Impact Project (Greene, NY)

01.13.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The Impact Project of Greene, New York is a community-minded, God-focused machine of a ministry that repairs houses and hosts concerts, and is spending these winter months making plans for the coming year. Join Martha Manikas-Foster in this Neighborhoods in the Network report to learn how this organization, headquartered thirty minutes northeast of Binghamton, has marshaled the forces of 20 businesses and almost 500 volunteers to host five concerts in Greene and complete eight humanitarian projects in New York’s Chenango and Broome Counties since its inception in late 2003.

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on 01.13.10 Darald Kinne commented

Great Interview and explanation of what this outreach is all about... thank God for people and Businesses out there who are still wanting to pitch in and help others in need!

on 01.13.10 Cheri Willard commented

Thanks for including The Impact Project in Neighborhoods in the Network. You did a great job capturing what The Impact Project is really all about.