Neighborhoods in the Network / Habitat Housing (Wyoming, Allegany Counties)

01.06.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Spades may not be turning dirt and hammers may not be pounding nails, but January is anything but a hibernation month for the people who volunteer with Habitat for Humanity across the Family Life Network listening area. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for this “Neighborhoods in the Network” look at the ongoing work of the non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing ministry in New York’s Wyoming and Allegany Counties.

To contact New York’s Wyoming County Habitat for Humanity affiliate, log on to:

To find out more about the Genesee Valley Habitat for Humanity affiliate located in New York’s Allegany County, log on to


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on 01.06.10 Daniel Stayner commented

While Habitat for Humanity is a commendable program, it must be remembered that it is a secular one. A couple of years ago a few members of our church expressed an interest in getting involved with HH through Thrivent Builds, a collective Lutheran parachurch group. As congregational president, I went to the organizational meeting, but ultimately cautioned our Church Council to not get involved as a congregation. It seems that the "family" that was selected for this particular site consisted of a single mother with several children and a live-in boyfriend. When I asked about supporting a location that was not at odds with our beliefs, I was told that no prior knowledge of the selected family can be given before a project is finalized due to federal laws against housing discrimination. This may be fine for HH, but other volunteer groups and individuals certainly can decide what projects to support and this information should be made available to prospective volunteers. While not disputing the neediness of this family, other congregational members agreed with me that this sends a poor message to the community as a whole regarding our commitment to the biblical message regarding marriage and families. Anyone who still wanted to devote their personal time and resources were encouraged to do so as individuals, but I am not aware of any that did.