Neighborhoods in the Network / Group Work Camp (Clearfield, PA)

06.16.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Almost 400 teens will travel to Clearfield, PA to volunteer from June 20-26, 2010 to help people in need. They’ll be building decks, painting walls, installing mobile home skirting -- and more. It’s all part of what is called a Group Work Camp, and in this “Neighborhoods in the Network” report you can learn about these work camps, find out what motivates the teens to volunteer their time and discover how you can help in the effort.

For more information on the project, contact Tia Lansberry of Central Pennsylvania Community Action at 800-822-2610. “Neighborhoods in the Network” is heard each Wednesday during the FLN Noon Report and again at 7:30 Wednesday evenings during the FLN Family Hour.


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