Neighborhoods in the Network / Fire on the Genesee (Castile, NY)

05.13.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Salt pork and hardtack, open fires and military drilling will all be part of Letchworth State Park’s “Fire on the Genesee” Civil War Encampment, May 15-17, 2009. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for a look at the historic park’s tenth annual encampment, where Union and Confederate reenactors will engage in battle demonstrations at 2:00 on Saturday and 1:30 on Sunday, with a period dance schedule for 7:00 on Saturday.

To find out more about the encampment, log onto For information on Letchworth State Park activities, please go to or phone (585) 493-3600.

nin-genesee - Fire on the Genesee


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