Kindness Through Klothing With Kayla

04.10.12 | Sarah Harnisch

10-year-old Kayla Flaitz is from Hornell, New York. In April, she is shipping 13 boxes of clothing in a car that she collected for people in Ghana, Africa. Family Life's Sarah Harnisch spoke with Kayla before the boxes shipped.


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on 04.10.12 Kathy McManus commented

Kayla is an amazing little lady.. And I am blessed to call her "Granddaughter"!!!

on 04.11.12 Susan Nowak commented

Nice job Kayla...we are proud of what you've done.You are a wonderful example to others

on 04.15.12 Dan Flaitz commented

Hey Kayla!

You took seriously, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me". I am left amazed! Not surprised though!! Congrats to Mr. Clark for his awesome inspiration.

Your proud uncle,

on 04.15.12 Kayla Flaitz commented

Thanks to everyone who commented! And a big thanks to everyone who donated.