Inside Out 79: Contending for the Heart

05.09.11 | Kurt Goff

Christian parents make no mistake: The battle rages every day. Satan wants to take our kids down. He’ll use anything he can. If he can get at their hearts… Bingo!

"Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

The battlefield of the heart is littered with lies, hurt, and confusion. It takes courage, love, and endurance to suit up each day. But you know your child is worth it. Mine too.

Jim Ertel has written a helpful, easy to read little book called Contending for the Heart. It’s practical, biblical, and packed with refreshingly simple ideas that pack a lot of punch. Even if you’ve read a lot of parenting books and listened to many “experts”, you’ll find much to think about in my conversation with Jim. Going deeper than just behavior, he gives us principles that will work whether your child is very young or nearing adulthood.

This podcast goes right to the heart of raising children to be all that God desires. And oh yeah… the concepts are based on the fact that we as parents don’t always get it right. Thanks for factoring in reality Jim!


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on 05.09.11 Rachel Sue's Mom, Apalachin NY commented

Very timely. I have a very strong willed 8 year old, and I struggle with where to draw the line between too much discipline and too little. I especially liked the discussion about the teenager who says "Don't you trust me?" because I know that these conversations are in my future. I also liked the quote about "You can't unscramble eggs" I'll be trying to make my home more of a refuge and less of a prison in the future. Thanks so much for this topic!!!




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