Inside Out 63: Blurring The Lines?

04.15.11 | Kurt Goff

The blurring of the lines between Christianity and culture is a conversation worth having. No doubt these are challenging and interesting times in which we live here in the United States. Buzz words like globalization and pluralism are tossed around like a “hot potato” at a third grade birthday party. What’s at stake here for followers of Jesus? The conversation is much too big for just one podcast. Maybe this will be the first of many.

From a Christian church in the U.S. allowing its Muslim neighbors to use their sanctuary for worship to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s effort to bring the world’s religions together to battle global poverty and other challenges... this is the stuff of headlines.

Alex McFarland is a defender of the Christian faith who is also a part of The Strategy Room on Fox News. He’s often called on to take these developing stories and place them in a biblical, evangelical Christian context. His ministry is doing some great work. I caught up with him after a Fox News appearance in New York City and his comments are worth pondering.


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on 04.15.11 Brenda commented

Thanks for this deep and informative program today. May the Lord help and guide us all. We need to help, but our freedom must be preserved in Christ.

on 04.15.11 Steve commented

I have listened all week each program has been a blessing keep up the good work. A comment on today's program: I am glad you mentioned the passage in 2 Cor. about being unequaly yoked. Also 2 John 7-11 seems to warn against aligning with people that reject the historicity and Divinity of Jesus. This program has been very thought provoking. Maybe in the future it should be addressed again. Again keep up the good work, God bless you.




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