Inside Out 316: Singles Helping Orphans

06.04.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

God cares about the fatherless. And chances are that you do, too. We're called to meet the needs of orphans—and when we think of orphans we think of children who've lost both parents. But, in many ways, the 400,000 young people in America's foster care system are also orphans.  


"When children are in foster care, they are—for the most part—without the benefit of their parents," says Jamie Calloway-Hanauer, a writer and attorney who--through her life as a volunteer and through her career as an attorney--has focused on helping children in the foster care system. She says that while foster children do have biological parents, and most have foster parents and a great many other adults in their lives, what they lack are adults who will remain connected to them long-term.


Calloway-Hanauer sees a connection between the needs of foster children--who would benefit from the reliable presence of another adult in their lives—and the passion of many young single Christians--who want to help orphans but are not in a position to adopt. She says in a recent blog: if "you think you're too young, too single, too inexperienced to do anything, I'm here to say: You can help right away."


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Read Jamie Calloway-Hanauer's blog, “Six Ways Single Christians Can Help the Orphans.”


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